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Bluecube’s Global Community: Meet Samantha Pearse

12 August 2022

Bluecube are a global IT company with offices in the UK, Ireland and the US (Boston, Chicago and Seattle) with further plans for expansion in the future.

Current Global Offices

  • Milton Keynes, UK
  • London, UK
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Boston, USA
  • Seattle, USA
  • Chicago, USA

Bluecube’s recent growth since 2020 has seen an increase of 60% in the number of employees, which prompted a move to a bigger head office in Milton Keynes, and the opening of a London office and overseas offices in the US and Ireland.

With so many new faces in the office and remote working, we have started a brand-new blog series to get to know some of them a little better.

Milton Keynes (UK) Office – Conversation With Samantha Pearse

Samantha Pearse is also based at our Milton Keynes office. She has been working at Bluecube since April 2021, and was recently promoted to Head of PMO and Onboarding. Before her internal promotion, she worked on-site for one of Bluecube’s clients, MRN (Medical Research Network). Sam worked on the support desk and was known as “iPad lady” after building a fort of them and helping distribute 450 iPads to nurses at MRN. From here, she moved into project management before being promoted to head up the projects team.

Sam’s career started with her working in 1st Line Support, moving up to 2nd and then Operations. She started working in the IT industry at 17 and moved to Australia for 2 years to work for their largest construction company. She moved back to the UK after, taking on work in IT coordination and various freelance IT roles before starting at Bluecube last year.


image of sam pearce, head of pmo and onboarding at bluecube


What do you like most about working for Bluecube?

I enjoy that Bluecube is a fast-paced environment. Since joining, there has not been a day where I’ve sat twiddling my thumbs. It’s a great working environment and I get on with everyone. A healthy balance between good banter and working hard.

What are your interests outside of work?

People may not know this, but I’m an avid gamer. I love Star Wars, playing COD (Call of Duty) and have an Xbox and a Switch, but I also love to play older games like Crash Bandicoot.

I have also completed six tough mudders, and even done a bungee jump from a cliff in New Zealand when I was 13 years old.

What does a typical Bluecube work day look like for you?

It’s cliché, but every day is incredible different and varied. You just have to look at my calendar and it’s packed full of different meetings!

Typically, I have project meetings with clients and carry out project management tasks throughout the day. At the minute, my primary focus is on building out the new Onboarding Team, training new starters and transition staff who have joined from other teams. Other activities include onboarding escalations and build escalations, and more.

Can you share any successes you’ve had in your role so far at Bluecube?

I successfully delivered 600+ iPads to MRN nurses in my previous role at Bluecube. Since working into the Projects team, we have completed 25 projects in May; this has been a big win for the team. Some of the projects we worked on included onboarding a new client and carrying out a phone migration project for a client.

For anyone visiting the Milton Keynes office, what would you recommend that they check out in the local area?

There is a really great restaurant in a nearby village (Cosgrove) called, The Navigation, which I really recommend for anyone looking for good food and atmosphere. There’s also the Silverstone shooting range; this is a great place to have fun, shoot different types of guns and definitely worth giving a go if you’ve not done it before!

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