Cyber security

Managed cyber security services

bluecube team deliver managed cyber security services for businesses

Protecting your people, data & IT infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring and support.

As cyber security experts serving businesses across the UK, we deliver the strategic insight, tools and software needed to protect your business against emerging cyber threats. Got an IT security concern? Get in touch.

Secure your data & IT systems with bespoke IT security services

You wouldn’t leave your car unlocked with your smartphone visible on the front seat, so why compromise your business’s IT systems by leaving your data vulnerable to cyber-attacks? Build cyber resilience. Secure your systems. Protect your data. Take preventative action against cyber threats today.

Keeping your world protected 24/7

Did you know that almost half of UK businesses suffered a cyber threat or security breach within the last year alone? This number rises to 68% for medium-sized firms and 75% for large enterprises. Was your business affected?

As cybercriminals' tactics continue to evolve, organisations of all sizes must develop a strategic, coordinated and robust approach to prevent, detect, and disrupt threats at the earliest opportunity — and that's where we can help. Bluecube prepare your business for the unexpected.

We ensure every step is taken to reduce your exposure to cybercrime. Our thorough cyber security services combine critical measures: backups, patching, malware protection, disaster protection and 24/7 IT security monitoring.


Accredited & trusted cyber security service provider

Bluecube are Cyber Essentials Plus accredited and have also achieved ISO 27001. We help a wide range of organisations across the not-for-profit, finance, education, healthcare, medical and life science sectors to implement measures to boost protection against basic, complex and sophisticated cyber threats.

Cyber threats are real, relentless and rapidly advancing. Constant monitoring and security updates are needed. Contact a reliable, trusted and accredited cyber security solutions expert today. 

cyber essentials plus logo certification and iso 27001

Is your business vulnerable? Build cyber resilience with Bluecube's cyber security services. Don't wait until its too late, hoping your business won't be targeted, take preventative steps to protect your people, data & infrastructure. As cyber security experts, we deliver the strategic insight, tools and software to protect your organisation against emerging cyber threats.

Cyber securityCyber securityCyber security
Cyber securityCyber securityCyber security
cyber security team working on preventative, recovery and validation services for clients

What is cyber security?

About cyber security services

IT security is all about the steps and precautions that are taken by individuals or businesses to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. It involves protecting devices (e.g. smartphones, laptops, tablets and computers) and the services or systems that we access at home or work from unauthorised access to personal or confidential information, theft or damage.

At Bluecube our IT security services are divided into four key areas: 

Managed Detection
Managed Response
Threat Intelligence
Threat Detection

Trusted cyber security service provider for your business

Prevent, detect, and disrupt cyber threats at the earliest opportunity — get in touch with our specialist team. Bluecube is a cyber security service provider that will ensure your business is prepared for the unexpected, making sure that every step is taken to nullify your organisation's exposure to cybercrime. Our thorough cyber security services combine critical measures, such as backups, patching, malware protection, disaster protection and IT security monitoring.

Our cyber security solutions

Cyber Recovery, Validation and Prevention

Cyber recovery service

We help companies who have suffered from a cyber-attack, recovering their systems as quickly as possible. The road to recovery is unique to each business. But the high-level approach we adopt is universal.

We deliver cyber recovery in four ways:

Private Cloud/ Private Desktop
Microsoft Azure
Loan Hardware
Office 365 Provision

The route that we decide to take will vary for each client, depending on their needs and circumstance. Sometimes, one or a combination of these approaches is needed. Alongside this, we also highlight areas and recommendations for the client to help mitigate future IT risks.

Validation service

Businesses choose to run through a validation process for a variety of reasons: following a recovery, peace of mind or when starting with a managed cyber security service provider. It allows identification of security gaps and vulnerabilities, which can then be addressed. A validation exercise typically takes 10 working days to complete and covers the following: external attack surface management, dark web investigation, IT estate audit, Office 365 audit, and a credential vulnerability report.

Prevention service (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)

This is our fully managed cyber security service. To begin with, we start with a validation exercise that allows us to address security gaps and vulnerabilities from day one. We build a tailored security service that is unique and relevant to each client. Bluecube has over 20 discrete cyber security services, we combine several, or occasionally all, to deliver a comprehensive and relevant cyber security service.


Bluecube offer both cyber recovery & prevention services

We are at the frontline of cyber-attacks, recovering organisations who have been victims of it. This ensures we are always making fact-based decisions in respect of our cyber security services. Unlike other security providers, we don't rely solely on theories or intelligence reports and insights, we're driven by first-hand, real-world experiences that ensure we're delivering the very best cyber protection to our clients.

At Bluecube, we use the world's leading security software (SentinelOne Complete, Microsoft Sentinel, among many others) as part of our security portfolio. While the tools and technology we use is important, it's the people behind that tech that make the real difference. Our SOC and crisis response teams ensure it's deployed and configured correctly. We respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Peace of mind is invaluable.

About cyber securityAbout cyber securityAbout cyber security
About cyber security About cyber securityAbout cyber security
client looking for cyber security solutions to safeguard against cyber threats

Benefits of cyber security

Without the right cyber security in place, your business, staff, data and infrastructure remain at risk to potential cyber-attacks and emerging threats. Every business has unique vulnerabilities, so whether you want your staff 'cyber secure' when working remotely, need to improve data protection or require regular penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities, we can deliver an effective cyber security solution that is tailored to your requirements.

Stay ahead of cybercriminals. Stay robust with cyber security solutions from Bluecube. With us as your dedicated cyber security provider, you can:

Protect your reputation & improve customer confidence
Safeguard sensitive data
Protect your networks & systems from unauthorised access
Meet compliance, such as GDPR & prevent potentially costly breaches
Resolve issues faster
Quicker recovery in the event of a security breach
How they help youHow they help youHow they help you
How they help youHow they help youHow they help you
soc analyst working on cyber security measures for businesses

How our cyber security services help you

Keeping your systems and data secure

When you prepare for the worst, you'll never be taken by surprise. We listen to your concerns from the beginning, creating an effective IT security strategy to cover emerging threats, such as malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, hacking, online credential breaches and many other forms of cyber-attacks.

To ensure you're protected, we can deliver a broad range of cyber security services, including:

20400 Cyber Security icons_24x7x365 monitoring & malware protection w
24x7x365 monitoring & malware protection

Proactive protection against viruses, malware and other forms of malicious software that pose a threat to your IT system.

20400 Cyber Security icons_Managed detection & response w
Managed detection & response

A managed service that provides intrusion detection of malware and malicious activity and assists in rapid incident response to eliminate threats.

20400 Cyber Security icons_Dark web monitoring w
Dark web monitoring

Threat intelligence about stolen user data associated with your company domains alerting when a compromise is detective to stop a potentially costly and widespread data breach.

20400 Cyber Security icons_Patching w

With patch management, we can allocate and apply corrective updates to software, eliminating potential "vulnerabilities" or "bugs".

20400 Cyber Security icons_Disaster recovery w-1
Disaster recovery

A set of policies, tools and procedures to facilitate the swift recovery or continuance of critical IT infrastructure and systems.

20400 Cyber Security icons_Backups w-1

We can store and safeguard your business-critical information on servers, workstations, or your cloud, allowing you to restore data in the event of an attack quickly.

20400 Cyber Security icons_Threat intelligence w-1
Threat intelligence

This enables us to make data-based security decisions to proactively fight against threat actors.

Cyber security solutions for your business

Bluecube safeguard against cyber threats – need more IT help? Check out the range of IT support services we offer, including IT strategy, IT infrastructure management and cloud network solutions. Our team look forward to hearing your IT requirements in more detail and discussing how we can help your business – get in touch today.

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