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IT security is all about reducing the risk of, and exposure to, cyber attacks. To do this, you need to understand what needs protection, ensure it is protected at all times with a proactive defensive. Whilst also ensuring that everyone in your organisation understands how to behave in a secure way too.

Protect your people, data & IT infrastructure with around the clock threat monitoring, detection and response

Cyber-crime is on the rise and rapidly evolving, with almost half of UK businesses suffering a breach in the last year. This number rises to 59% for medium-sized firms and 69% for large enterprises.

Bluecube can help you prepare for the unexpected by reducing your exposure to cyber crime and providing a robust road to recovery. How? We have a 24/7, 365 days a year SOC team that offers a strategic, coordinated, and robust approach to prevent, detect, and disrupt threats. Combined with our next-generation cyber security services that protect and defend our clients. We also provide our clients with a transparent and clear plan for recovery should the worst happen.

As cyber security experts serving businesses in Milton Keynes, London, and across the globe, we deliver the strategic insight, tools and software needed to protect and defend your business against emerging cyber threats around the clock.

Concerned about your current IT security? Let’s fix that.

Our cyber security services:

cyber security solutions
Cyber 'MOT'

Security validation and assessment is a one-time process that verifies an environment's security controls and provides confidence that the right levels of protection are in place. Think of it as a Cyber 'MOT', providing you with an in-depth view of your current cyber security status.

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24x7x365 monitoring and malware protection
Secure, detect & respond

Preventing a cyber attack is more efficient and cost-effective than dealing with the aftermath. Our experience with organisations that have been attacked gives us unique insight and means we are best placed to offer businesses comprehensive monitoring, alerting and response capability, 24x7.

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Disaster recovery from cyber atta
Incident response & recovery

Cyber incident response and recovery involves our Crisis Response team who is a fast-moving, experienced team that respond in your time or need, and can help you recover and rebuild your systems and environments following a cyber incident. Here for you, 24/7X365.

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20400 Cyber Security icons_Threat intelligence w-2-1
Cyber intelligence

Intercept potential threats to your business before they strike. Our team combine their own real-world expertise with gathered and shared intel, using this knowledge to help defend businesses and strengthen their cyber resilience.

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Education & awareness

Prevention is better than recovery. And the best method of prevention is through education. With human error playing a disproportionate role in data breaches, its integral that the people in your organisation have good, up to date cyber security knowledge.
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Cyber security Cyber security Cyber security
Cyber security Cyber securityCyber security
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Choose an accredited & trusted cyber security service provider

ISO 27001

Data is the heart of every modern business, so it's crucial when outsourcing your IT and/ or security that your MSP can handle and manage your data effectively.

Bluecube is ISO 27001 certified. We're proud to be one of the few UK-based MSPs that are ISO 27001 compliant and certified to ISO's world-class information security standard.

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ISO 27001 is a widely recognised security management framework and standard. Our certification ensures that information security is aligned with best practices and business objectives. This demonstrates we protect data to the highest standards and implement the most up-to-date, extensive cyber security controls.

All Bluecube/Ekco data centres are ISO 27001 certified, ensuring our clients have ISO 27001 level protection, always. Our certification is reassessed by an independent body on an annual basis.

Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus

The Cyber Essentials accreditations were created to ensure the highest standards of IT security are in place to safeguard the digital economy. With the threat of cyber attacks today, it's essential to implement the very best security measures - and not just the essentials.

Bluecube is certified in the UK government backed Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus initiatives.


By implementing Cyber Essentials at Bluecube, we can drive productivity in line with best practices, preventing common breaches while identifying and eliminating threats. This allows us to focus on optimising systems and services for our clients.

This accreditation demonstrates that we are equipped to mitigate the risk from common cyber threats to your data by ensuring that we are at the forefront of cyber risk prevention.

Why Bluecube?

We support a wide range of organisations in the UK across multiple different industries, including not-for-profit, finance, education, legal, public sector & government, healthcare, recruitment, medical and life science sectors. We implement security measures to boost their protection against basic, complex and sophisticated cyber threats. 

Protect your reputation & improve customer confidence
Safeguard sensitive data
Protect your networks & systems from unauthorised access
Meet compliance, such as GDPR & prevent potentially costly breaches
Resolve issues faster
Quicker recovery in the event of a security breach


Is your organisation protected and defended 24/7?

Cyber threats are real, relentless and rapidly advancing and can happen at any time of day or night. Therefore, constant monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year and regular security updates are needed to ensure your IT estate, data, and reputation are not compromised.

Don't wait until its too late, hoping your business won't be targeted. Take preventative steps to protect your people, data & infrastructure today.

Build resilience with cyber security services. Our team of cyber security experts deliver the strategic insight, tools and software to protect your organisation against emerging cyber threats, no matter the time of day or night.

Keep your world secure with our 24/7 SOC

Take preventative action against cyber threats now and ensure your business is protected 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Cyber security

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