Human first in a digital world

Technology. It keeps us connected, organised and secure. It keeps us agile. Keeps us moving. It’s the beating heart of every business and when it stops, we all grind to a halt.

At Bluecube, we know every business is different. We never jump in with pre-conceived ideas and solutions. We listen hard before doing anything. Immersing ourselves in your world, your challenges, your infrastructure. And most importantly, we speak to your people to understand their needs.

A one-size-fits-all approach is never the answer for us, or you.

Technology changes every day and we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve. And with offices across the globe, from the UK and Ireland to the US, our remote IT service desk and engineers are on hand around the clock to ensure your business is never left behind.

We stop at nothing, to keep you moving forward.

When you work with Bluecube day-to-day, you’ll only receive educated, clear advice without tedious up-selling. Our dynamic team don’t read from scripts like robots.

We’re breaking the mould with uncomplicated, friendly customer experiences that make things as simple as possible. If you need IT support, our First Contact Resolution Team work effectively to find rapid, long-lasting solutions to problems, so you can stay focused on the job at hand.

So, if turning it off and on doesn’t work. Turn to us.

James Hawker, chief exec at bluecube

James Hawker

Chief Executive & Chief Growth Officer

David Robinson, Chief Operating Officer at Bluecube

David Robinson

Chief Operating Officer

Ashleigh Gibson, Chief Marketing Officer at Bluecube

Ashleigh Gibson

Chief Marketing Officer

Connor Scarrott, Chief Financial Officer at Bluecube

Connor Scarrott

Chief Technical Officer

James Gear, Chief Financial Officer at Bluecube

James Gear

Chief Financial Officer

Our story Our story Our story Our story Our story
Our story Our story Our story Our story Our story
james hawker sitting in the bluecube office

The Bluecube story

Bluecube’s story began in 2003 when James Hawker, founder and CEO, had a conversation with a local business owner who was looking for a solution to a technology problem. Equipped with enthusiasm and the willingness to help, James decided to launch a new company: Bluecube Technology Solutions.

Back then, the world of IT was a very different landscape. The experience and skills developed to meet the needs and requirements of businesses operating in the 2000s has given Bluecube a robust foundation.
This foundation involved engineers solving and fixing complex IT or server issues, dealing with hardware failures, carrying out office backups using technology that would be considered archaic these days and much more. All of which were problems that just don’t exist in the same way today.

As technology and business IT requirements developed and improved over the decades, so did the nature of the IT services that Bluecube offered.

Now, Bluecube provide managed IT services, cyber security, deliver IT strategic guidance and consultancy, alongside the traditional IT service desk provision that has always been the backbone of the service.

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IT support

Providing a bespoke managed IT service tailored to your business needs, managing your IT estate and supporting users both remotely and on-site.

20400 homepage icons_IT Infrastructure Management & Cloud Solutions w
Infrastructure & cloud solutions

Managing all your infrastructure components to ensure resilience and keep your business moving in the right direction.

20400 homepage icons_IT Strategy w
IT strategy

Working with you to develop a successful IT strategy that drives your business forward and aligns with your goals.

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IT security & crisis response

Trusted, reliable, accredited IT security services that secure our clients data, systems and infrastructure.

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Thinking of switching IT service providers? We provide a smooth transition service.

Transparent, friendly and personable

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bluecube new branding in the milton keynes office

Why work with Bluecube

Because the right technology and a customer-centric approach can make life easier for everyone.


Bluecube are an award-winning IT service provider in the UK, delivering managed IT support services to businesses around the world. We help organisations improve their IT performance, build cyber resilience, alongside offering reliable cloud networks and solutions, infrastructure and equipment. Our dedicated IT service desk is 24/7, 365 days a year, enabling our clients to work faster, smarter and more efficiently.

We treat people as people; we’re all about having a conversation.

We listen to our clients’ needs first before offering a solution. From the start, our team engages with and learns about your business. We care. And we'll stop at nothing to keep moving you forward.

We build long-term relationships with clients and have a dedicated Client Engagement team that focuses solely on maintaining long-lasting partnerships.

Client stories

bluecube employee


Client expectations are met

'Great to find an IT provider that we can build a genuine partnership with', says beyond-profit recruitment specialist.

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it service desk engineer chatting to clients

Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Valued communication approach

Knowing that its IT partner understands what they are trying to do is very important.

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Needed reliable IT provider

Long-term relationship provides the support Milton Keynes arts centre needs as it rebuilds its business.

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Medical Research Network

Strategic IT partnership

Proactive MSP (Managed Service Provider) partner enables medical communications provider to accelerate future growth.

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Bishopsgate Financial

Providing flexibility to grow

Outsourcing its ICT is a ‘no-brainer’, says Fast Track 100 banking consultancy.

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The Brain Tumour Charity

Partnership built on trust

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