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DIY security is not enough

It’s estimated that across all UK businesses there were approximately 2.39 million instances of cyber-crime in 2022. The threats continually evolve with new tactics and techniques emerging all the time.

Reduce the risks of cyber threats and keep your business cyber-secure with Bluecube’s insight and intelligence surrounding the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. Bluecube’s managed secure, detect and respond service provides comprehensive monitoring, alerting and response capability, 24x7.

The sooner you take action, the better. Don’t wait until after your business has already fallen victim to cyber criminals – act today.

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Good cyber hygiene can prevent the most common cyber threats. But in recent years, there's been a steady decline in businesses doing things:

Using password policies (79% in 2021 dropped to 70% in 2023)
Using network firewalls (78% in 2021 dropped to 66% in 2023)
Restricting admin rights (75% in 2021 dropped to 67% in 2023)
Policies that apply software security updates within 14 days (42% in 2021 dropped to 31% in 2023)

Source: Cyber security breaches survey 2023

With the UK being the second most targeted economy in the world for ransomware attacks, surely we should all be doing more? The next layer of defence is active monitoring of your security posture, combining the latest security tooling, exploiting AI, and with human-in-the-loop response - 24x7.

Bluecube's service delivery team
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What makes Bluecube different?

We go a step beyond and offer continuous managed detection and response, plus continuous vulnerability management for our clients. Our team watch the near real-time emergence of new vulnerabilities and their exploitation. As we catch the never-ending stream of newly discovered vulnerabilities, it means our team can patch them quickly. And so we keep our clients safer from ‘no notice attacks’, more so than ever before.

Core security monitoring
Managed detection & response
Continuous vulnerability scanning
Cyber security periodic reporting

Bluecube's Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) team consists of a dedicated and centralised team of Security Analysts and Engineers; their primary responsibility is monitoring and protecting our clients’ IT system environments.

Bluecube combines sophisticated security tooling and human analysis to fuse open-source, dark web and technical sources with original analysis to create outcomes that can be easily integrated with security systems. The team are also there to respond to any security alert or detected incident.

The source of the alerts will depend on the cyber service options chosen; some clients opt for a lighter service that protects endpoints and covers the core infrastructure, while others prefer a full SIEM service that ingests data from multiple sources, for review and analysis.

We operate a resilient SOC across multiple sites to prevent power outages or natural disaster from interrupting our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service.

Secure, detect & respond core service include;

Bluecube has over 20 cyber security sub-services that we combine to deliver a comprehensive and relevant security solution for your business, including:

Anti-virus coverage monitoring
Proactive estate monitoring for new and unrecognised devices
InTune policy compliance
Patch compliance
Encryption coverage
Password enforcement
Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
Privileged account creation
Account & credentials audits
Office 365 hardening
End-point detection and response
Incident response
Event monitoring for Active Directory & Officer 365/ Azure
GPO change monitoring

Keeping your world secure

Our experience with organisations that have suffered a cyber incident gives us a unique and current insight into the ever-changing range of cyber threats that organisations are facing daily. Bluecube has over 20 cyber security sub-services that we combine to deliver a comprehensive and tailored cyber security solution matching your business needs and goals - get in touch today.

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