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Prevent cyber threats now. Doing nothing is no longer an option

Prevent the risks of cyber threats today and keep your business cyber secure, with Bluecube's unique insight and intelligence surrounding the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. 

Security Operations Centre, 24/7x365

Our 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) is the foundation of our cyber security offering. Staffed with accredited security analysts, Bluecube combines sophisticated security tooling and human analysis to fuse open-source, dark web and technical sources with original analysis to create outcomes that can be easily integrated with security systems. The team are also there to respond to any security alert or detected incident.  

The source of the alerts will depend on the cyber service options chosen; some clients opt for a lighter service that protects endpoints and covers the core infrastructure, while others prefer a full SIEM service that ingests data from every imaginable source possible, for review and analysis. 

The SOC team monitor your technology estate to minimise risks and vulnerabilities related to your cyber security. Bluecube has over 20 discrete cyber security solutions we combine to deliver a comprehensive and relevant security service which include: 

  • Anti-virus
  • Proactive estate monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Intune policies
  • Patching
  • Encryption
  • Password enforcement
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Privileged account creation
  • Account & credentials audits
  • Office 365 hardening
  • End-point detection and response
  • Event monitoring active directory & Office 365/Azure
  • GPO changes

Managed detection and response

We look for unusual, or suspicious, behaviours and actions across your IT estate, both on-premise and cloud.  When we detect these activities, we respond accordingly, ensuring that all actions and activities are tracked and monitored in a transparent way. This way, you can see exactly what steps have been taken. 

Brand intelligence

Typosquat websites leaked data, and command-and-control attacks are a few ways threat actors may attack your brand - all orchestrated outside of your security perimeter, leaving organisations blindsided.  Our Brand Intelligence solution provides actionable, up-to-the-minute analytical insights to proactively defend against new and emerging threats to your brand, products, employees, executives, and customers.

Some of the activities we perform include: 

  • Domain abuse detection
  • Data and credential leakage monitoring
  • Brand attack mitigation
  • Brand impersonation detection
  • Digital asset monitoring
  • Executive impersonation detection
  • Industry threat monitoring 

Vulnerability intelligence

Keeping on top of the volume of vulnerabilities that need to be patched can be overwhelming to many organisations; there are tens of thousands of updates issued each year.  Thousands are rated as critical meaning they need to be patched immediately. However, only 5.5% of vulnerabilities are ever actually exploited.  

We deploy real-time Security Intelligence on vulnerabilities to ensure that the risks that really matter, are addressed.   

Prevention Prevention Prevention

External attack surface intelligence

Proactive attack surface management is essential for organizations to defend against ever-evolving cyber threats. By understanding your external attack surface, Bluecube can identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they are exploited. This helps to keep pace with the dynamic cyber threat landscape and make better-informed decisions about digital transformation.

Here are some of the benefits of proactive attack surface intelligence:

  • Improved visibility into your external attack surface
  • Faster identification and remediation of vulnerabilities
  • Reduced risk of data breaches and other cyberattacks
  • Improved compliance with cyber security regulations
  • Enhanced cyber security position

If you are not using proactive attack surface management, now is the time to start. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your organization from cyber threats.

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Continuous scanning of the internet

Scanning is used to identify all your internet and public-facing assets to uncover any potential blind spots.  We discover previously unknown shadow IT and out-of-policy assets to identify cyber vulnerabilities.  

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Persistent view of the attack surface landscape

We understand your digital footprint and therefore we can protect you.  With this knowledge, we can accelerate vulnerability scanning and incident response to prioritise assets that may be vulnerable to  cyber threats or exploits.  

Simulated phishing attacks and training

Over 90% of all breaches involve ‘end-user’ engagement meaning that the victims unknowingly help the malicious actors. Most importantly, without the victim's help, the cyber attack would unlikely have succeeded.   

Holding true to the mantra of prevention is better than cure, Bluecube will deliver carefully tailored, but safe, simulated phishing attacks that allow us to identify those people in your organisation that might be susceptible to an email-born social engineering/phishing attack.  Armed with this information, we can focus on the right people to train about the dangers of these types of cyber attacks. 

Keeping your world secure

Our experience with organisations that have suffered a cyber incident gives us a unique and current insight into the ever-changing range of cyber threats that organisations are facing daily. Bluecube has over 20 discrete cyber security solutions we combine to deliver a comprehensive and relevant cyber security service - get in touch today.

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