Main Challenge

Medical Research Network (MRN) is a market-leading specialist in community based trials to the pharmaceutical industry providing Home Trial Support; Site Professional Support and Bespoke services.

MRN’s biggest challenge, and opportunity, is growth. The company has been growing by over 30% a year since 2006, and is to continue this level of service for the foreseeable future.

"We have a major reliance on our IT environment to support our growth plans."

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Our Solution

Bluecube provide MRN with global 24/7 IT support, looking after the needs of 180 employees, plus a workforce of nurses in the UK, US, Spain, Germany – with plans to open other global offices in the next few years.

As a company that operates internationally, MRN requires the same level of IT service everywhere, with a consistently high standard of IT infrastructure and support to serve the needs of a growing and increasingly diverse global employee base.

Today, Bluecube look after all the IT Infrastructure and IT Support, including telephony, hardware procurement and software licencing for MRN.

"Bluecube’s a very important part of our foundation for growth."

Simon Mouncer

MRN Vice President - Finance

Bluecube team supporting the Medical Research Network