Cloud computing solutions

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

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Bluecube has helped hundreds of organisations move to the cloud to improve scalability, heighten security protection, drive efficiencies and facilitate flexible working.

Cloud computing solutions

At Bluecube, we take the time to learn about the ins and outs of your business, carefully examining your challenges to formulate a smooth and stress-free transition to the cloud.

Secure And Seamless Cloud Technology Solutions

There is no 'one size fits all' model when it comes to cloud solutions. Whether you're a large not-for-profit-organisation, a medium-sized enterprise or a large business with hundreds of employees across the UK, we can help you make a confident, informed decision on cloud migration, utilising the right technology to make a meaningful difference to your business inside and out.

Public Cloud, Private Cloud vs Hybrid Cloud Solutions

With a holistic approach, we can guide you through any potential challenges of migrating your services to a hybrid, private or public cloud, no matter where you are on your infrastructure journey. Bluecube will also manage your cloud services and secure your data through a combination of:

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Public cloud

A powerful, dynamic and future-proof approach to delivering technology solutions.

• Cost-effective
• Fast deployment
• Scalability
• Reliability
• Continuous uptime

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Private cloud

A secure environment designed solely for you, providing increased security and control.

• Highly secure
• Dependable performance
• High reliability
• Regulatory compliance
• Agility
• Efficiency

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Hybrid cloud

The best of both worlds: a part public, part private cloud solution, giving you the ability to adapt and change.

• Flexibility and scalability
• Resilience to outages
• High reliability
• Secure and safe
• High performance

Cloud computing solutionsCloud computing solutionsCloud computing solutions
Cloud computing solutionsCloud computing solutionsCloud computing solutions
client needed a cloud computing solutions to modernise their business

Cloud platforms

Leading cloud platforms we specialise in

As a Gold Microsoft Partner and a Tier 1 Cloud Solutions Provider we know how to deliver a cost-saving subscription and Cloud Management strategy that is designed for you, around your needs, whilst maintaining a high level of cloud security. Below is a short guide on some of the key differentiating factors between the ‘Big Three’ cloud providers:

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Microsoft Office Azure

Known as a robust and secure cloud platform, Azure is often seen as the ideal platform for businesses requiring Windows-based standardisation. As a leading provider of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), Azure can empower remote work and improve your ability to scale on-demand while boosting efficiency and optimising workloads. Bluecube is a Tier 1 Microsoft Partner, meaning we're trained and accredited to design, deploy and support services for the Microsoft Cloud, helping you save on infrastructure update costs.

• Scale-out quickly
• Faster app development
• Reliability, security and compliance
• Manage data storage simply
• Effectively integrates with Microsoft tools
• Faster time to market

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Google Cloud

Whether you're looking at IaaS, SaaS, or PaaS solutions, the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) enables you to build apps faster, make more informed business decisions, and transform how you collaborate. If you're seeking excellent AI and machine learning capabilities, along with translation, search and security, Google delivers manageable improvements in a continuous stream — minimising downtime. With full visibility, Google Cloud reduces threats and secures your data across its data centres, hardware, and network cables.

• Workload management tools
• A suite of AI and Machine Learning services
• Stringent security
• Cost-effective
• Linux and Windows support

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is the largest cloud provider boasting excellent reliability. It's the backbone of many websites and apps, supporting all operating systems and recognised as the top IaaS platform for availability, reliable performance, and the number of applications. As a highly customisable platform, you can choose the operating system, programming language, web application platform and database you need. With Bluecube as your Cloud Computing partner, you can also take advantage of AWS's scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure with easy access to storage resources.

• Easy to use
• Speed and agility
• Cost-Effective
• Reliable and secure
• Scalable
• High-performance

Cloud management service

We’re your cloud management team. For a start, we provide a more cost-effective cloud subscription model, where you’re not contract bound, can turn on and switch off at any point, and have the flexibility to grow.

We provide useful subscription advice so that you make the right choices about setting up and managing your subscriptions. And, we take care of the day-to-day detail of managing subscriptions, including new starters, joiners and leavers, dormant accounts – with a critical eye on authorised use and application accessibility.


Flexible cloud subscription packages
Practical subscription advice
Full subscription management services

Cloud migration services

We’re your cloud migration experts. Our team grew up with on-premise solutions and are now top of the class in managing cloud migration projects.

We’ll help you with your cloud strategy, project planning, and execute your migration to the cloud. We will move all your data, applications, databases, including legacy data and applications, with minimal disruption to your operations. Testing every workload element before migrating the next.


Flexible cloud subscription packages
Practical subscription advice
Full subscription management services

Managed cloud security

We’re your highly experienced cloud security team. Our cloud security services start with the infrastructure, ensuring you are even more secure operating in a cloud environment than you would be in an on-premise set-up.

Our managed cloud security services include vulnerability assessments, preventative technology and procedures, application security, and security procedures such as multi-factor authentication. We pull out all the stops to ensure your network is set up securely and provides you with a safe operating environment.


Security consultation and advice
Security policies, processes and procedures
Cloud security monitoring and management

Cloud computing solutions at Bluecube

If you are looking for reliable and robust cloud provider services and cloud computing solutions, please get in touch with us today. Additionally, if you are looking for fully managed IT support, cybersecurity or otherwise, we can help.

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