IT support in London

Our team delivers round-the-clock 24/7 IT support, security, and cloud management services in London, to keep your IT system working as it should. If you’re a London-based business, our reliable IT support encourages growth and helps you achieve long-term success. We're an IT support provider with a London office in the heart of the Inns of Court, Holborn Gate.

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Managed IT support in the London area

IT support is a specialist service that offers tech support for all hardware and software issues, from data storage and slow system performance to cyber security and disaster recovery. Nothing’s worse than trying to run your operations while having IT issues, ageing IT systems, or concerns over your IT security. If you’re a growing company in London with 50-500 employees, Bluecube’s IT support in London removes the stress from managing your business’s needs.

Fully managed IT support takes the weight off of your shoulders and allows you to focus on your business. With feet on the ground, Bluecube’s tech support team in London delivers valuable support solutions that have direct benefits when running your business. Our team can future-proof your operations, reduce costs, and protect your data through cyber security protections and disaster recovery.



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109 1st Floor
330 Holborn Gate
325-332 High Holborn

LondonIT supportLondonIT supportLondon
IT supportLondonIT supportLondonIT support

IT support

IT support in London

Our mission is to enable you and your organisation to grow and succeed without the stress of worrying about your IT. This is why we have a dedicated London IT support team located in Holborn Gate, so we are always in reach when you need us. By making IT support simple for our clients, we help drive efficiency, implement scalable growth long-term, and ease your technology pain points so you can focus on your operations in London. 

We’re a Tier 1 Microsoft Partner and Cloud Service provider with an office based in Central London, and other locations globally. 

We want to help you look after every aspect of your business’s IT infrastructure, not just the technology. That’s why our team provides you and your business with your client engagement manager to work alongside you and is able to visit London when needed. We want to know you, your organisation, and the way you all work, so we can provide you with tailored IT support in London that meets your exact requirements.

24/7 outsourced IT support

We provide round-the-clock in-person & remote IT support in London, so you can always reach us with any IT issues, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide IT support in person, on the phone, and via our exclusive service portal Lighthouse. IT never sleeps and our tech support engineers will help you with any issues, day or night. We pride ourselves on our fast response times and exceptional customer service.

Our specialist team provides 24/7 remote IT support in London to businesses. Ensuring IT infrastructure, systems, and equipment operate efficiently, we help your team stay online and remain focused on the actions that will help drive your business forward. As well as providing comprehensive bespoke IT support in London based on a long-term plan, we can help you respond to urgent cyber attacks.

Managed IT services in London

Managed IT services in London can transform a business. They support growth and can install a dedicated IT infrastructure. It’s cost-effective as you don’t need to invest in new equipment or increase staff numbers. Using a service provider gives you a foundation to continue building on while preventing any downtime from IT problems.

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On-site and remote IT help in London

Sometimes an IT issue can be fixed instantly, whereas other times it requires some investigation which takes time. When you’re experiencing a simple problem, you don’t want to wait for an IT engineer to arrive on-site. With Bluecube’s remote IT support in London, you can reduce downtime and increase productivity by ensuring any simple problems are solved fast.

  • 24/7 remote monitoring of clients' IT infrastructure
  • The service desk is always available to answer questions and resolve IT issues
  • Tech support, remote and on-site & field engineering 

As a qualified remote-managed IT support provider in London, we offer full or partial remote IT support depending on your requirements, and our technically proficient team can deliver both proactive and reactive tech support. Whether your business has an IT department that is overwhelmed, or your business’s existing IT infrastructure is contributing to declining productivity, Bluecube will help you overcome issues and deliver remote IT support that covers all aspects of your infrastructure in London and beyond.

A managed IT service provider in London will remotely manage a company’s IT infrastructure and end-user systems. At Bluecube, we do this with proactive tech support services to discover any potential issues before they damage your business. As an IT service provider in London, we work on a subscription model that provides bespoke services.

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Cyber security in London

Your business’s IT infrastructure needs robust cyber security protections to safeguard your data. Give yourself peace of mind with Bluecube’s cyber security in London. Our IT security management ensures your software, data, and wider IT infrastructure is secure. Bluecube cyber security in London can safeguard your company using a wide range of cyber security and cloud security strategies, ensuring your business is protected to reduce the risk of downtime or data losses. Our cyber security services in London are split into 3 key security functions; Prevention, Validation and Incident Recovery

Effective IT security is about finding the right cyber security strategy for your business. The right network security will differ from business to business and between industries, but it should always protect your data. As specialists in cyber security, we use the latest IT security measures to counter cyber threats and are constantly adapting to keep ahead of cyber attacks.

Our London cyber security team ensures your business is protected by monitoring your IT infrastructure 24/7. This gives us the ability to spot issues before they affect your business, minimising the risks that cyber attacks present. At Bluecube, we believe the best cyber security is proactive and seeks out areas that need improvement. From upgrading anti-virus software to implementing different processes for staff, we aim to keep your business’s IT infrastructure protected long-term.

LondonIT servicesLondonIT servicesLondon
IT servicesLondonIT servicesLondonIT services

IT strategy support services in London

London is one of the most vibrant and innovative cities in Europe, not just in the UK. With a population of almost 9 million and over 300 languages spoken across the city, no wonder businesses are finding massive success across the British capital.

From a small business to a large multinational company, everyone can benefit from professional IT strategy support. Bluecube can modernise your business and provide you with the latest technology services. Our team of specialist, friendly IT strategy and consultancy experts in London can make your company’s operations run efficiently to drive growth and success. Bluecube's IT strategy and consultancy experts in London can help keep your world moving. 

As part of our service, we provide you with a personal IT Director, who will offer expert strategic guidance and be on hand to discuss any aspects of your IT infrastructure. Our approach to IT support in London is collaborative. We take time to understand your goals, pain points, and core values. From there, we create a bespoke IT support strategy that removes the headache of IT from managing your business.

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IT infrastructure and cloud solutions London

IT infrastructure in London

As your managed IT services provider in London, we remotely manage your company's IT infrastructure and systems. Our proactive tech support discovers potential issues before they harm your business, ensuring cost-effective prices and bespoke management.

With Bluecube as your managed IT services in London, you will receive support that enhances your business's growth, by installing a dedicated IT infrastructure based on your requirements and objectives. Investing in an in-house IT department may not be cost-effective.  As a managed IT services provider in London, our team works on a subscription model that ensures we offer cost-effective prices and bespoke IT infrastructure management.

With us, you'll see a return on investment and prevent downtime. No matter the size of your business, we handle your IT infrastructure seamlessly, allowing you and your workforce to excel every day.

Cloud solutions in London

Although utilising the cloud can seem confusing, we make it simple, so your team members can collaborate efficiently and effectively. Bluecube is a reliable cloud service provider in London and can help ensure continuity across your business wherever your team is. Our cloud solutions in London provide an easy way to access your business’s applications, data, and resources.

Our cloud services in London provide secure storage for your organization's applications and data in a dedicated data centre. With seamless remote access, your staff can work efficiently from anywhere, boosting productivity. Bluecube, a leading cloud service provider, specializes in tailored cloud infrastructures for industries like life sciences, non-profits, and legal businesses, with a dedicated office in Holborn Gate, specifically for Chambers and legal clients.

Collaborate effortlessly and make sure of business continuity with our simplified cloud solutions. Eliminate the need for in-house hardware with our cost-effective cloud services, driving business growth. Trust us for seamless migration and effective cloud management strategies. Experience reliable and secure cloud solutions with Bluecube. 

Cloud security in London

Our cloud security services keep your business secure

Through cloud backup and disaster recovery, you safeguard your data against losses and reduce the risk of unplanned downtime. These strategies enable your operations to continue with minimal disruption. Implementing an effective cloud security plan allows you to resume work quickly without losing valuable data.

Our cloud services in London, work on an affordable subscription basis that includes industry-leading cloud security. This includes 24/7 monitoring every day of the year. We also include multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure your data is secure. MFA requires a minimum of two pieces of evidence, such as passwords, to prove someone can access your data.

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How to choose the right managed IT service provider?

Like most investments, choosing the right managed IT Service Provider in London happens following an assessment of various factors. Consider the type of service offered, typical IT help desk response times, customer satisfaction, and accreditations. At Bluecube, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Tier 1 Cloud Solutions Provider in London. With offices in central London and across the UK; we have a team of local experts on hand when you need them. We're able to provide remote IT support on on-site IT support, depending on your requirements.

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What are the main benefits of managed IT services?

When you get the right people to do the job, you have instant peace of mind that it will be done properly. Investing in outsourced managed IT services means your company will be using and protected by the latest technology, whilst benefiting from on-hand assistance when required. Outsourcing to a sole-managed IT provider in London will align your IT support with your overall strategy, acting as another cog in the wheel to your business’ success.

20400 London icons_What Managed IT Services do you provide- w
Why do you need managed IT services?

Understanding how your company performs is key to successful and efficient growth. In the modern world, employees need their work devices to be accessible, on-demand, without heightening the threat to security. At Bluecube, we consistently monitor your IT infrastructure, enabling your workforce to be mobile, and concentrate on what they do best, without the concern for IT infrastructure management. Talk to us today about IT infrastructure management and cloud solutions in London. 

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What managed IT services do you provide?

At Bluecube, we take a holistic approach to give your business robust support with a variety of bespoke IT services in London: Cloud Computing, IT Strategy, IT Infrastructure Management, Network Monitoring, Project Management, Backups, Patching, Malware Protection, Disaster Recovery, 24/7 IT support from our IT Service Desk.

Here's what our London clients have to say about us..

"The support and service experience is beyond first class! From initial contact, the Bluecube team is welcoming and energetic, as a client you feel engaged and confident you are working with a professional support partner who listens and understands. Quality customer service is in Bluecube’s DNA, a rarity these days."

Ben Stern, Senior Clerk, Gray’s Inn Tax Chambers

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