Cyber security


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Address security gaps with validation and gain control.

Verify the fundamentals of your data and IT systems with bespoke validation services, to gain confidence that high levels of protection and control are always in place. 

Validation is the process of verifying the fundamentals of an environment from a security perspective. Organisations choose to run through a validation process for a variety of reasons such as following on from a recovery, for peace of mind or when starting with a managed cyber security service. It is a one-off process that results in a report for action.

The overarching purpose of this exercise is to provide a high level of confidence that the right controls and protection are in place. We ensure credentials are managed, privileged accounts are reviewed and Kerberos tickets are reset.

The process identifies security gaps, risks and vulnerabilities which can then be reported and addressed. To do this, we run the following activities:


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External attack surface intelligence (EASI)

An external look at an organisation using only publicly available information as this is the information that malicious actors will use.  We look to identify vulnerabilities, gaps and potential weaknesses.

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Estate and vulnerability audit

This consists of the deployment of several toolsets, to give us visibility of the networks and all endpoints.  We then collate the information to identify vulnerabilities that exist across the estate.   

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Office 365 and Azure

This is a deep dive into the configuration and policy configuration of Office 365 and Azure to ensure that the security baselines are being adhered to or have not been misconfigured. 


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Dark web investigation

We look for an organisation's key people and system identities such as domain names and IP addresses etc.  This will identify systems, people and credentials that may have been previously compromised or targeted.  We use the information to take appropriate preventative action.

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Credential vulnerability report

User credentials are the keys to any IT environment.  We run a propriety toolset across the local Active Directory and Office 365, and review Kerberos tickets, privileged accounts and Group Policy Objects (GPOs) to ensure that all user accounts and system configurations are being managed correctly. 


Reduce your exposure to cyber threats.

Bluecube will ensure the secure validation of all of our client's data and infrastructure. It allows for thorough protection to be in place, to keep your world moving - get in touch today. 

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