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Worried about cyber threats? Gain peace of mind with a cyber security ‘MOT’

Bluecube can thoroughly check that your organisation’s IT systems and infrastructure are secure by carrying out our validation and assessment service, which you can think of as a Cyber ‘MOT’. This provides you with an in-depth view of your current cyber security status, allowing you to gain clarity on the existing level of protection your IT systems have and the controls in place - as well as identifying security gaps, risks and vulnerabilities.

Armed with this knowledge, your business can then take practical steps to defend itself against cyber crime and threats. This can help prepare for, and lead into, Cyber Essentials certification as well if desired.

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The most significant threat facing small businesses continues to be from cyber crime, such as phishing and ransomware*. Cyber Essentials implements 5 ‘essential’ controls to boost your organisation’s cyber security to a level where it will prevent around 80% of the most common cyber attacks.
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What is a Cyber 'MOT'?

Our Cyber MOT takes a deep dive into your IT estate and infrastructure, existing controls and vulnerabilities – validating and assessing its security status. Our MOT service can also include Cyber Essentials and/or Cyber Essentials Plus assessment and certification too.

Our aim is to equip our clients with an in-depth understanding of their cyber strengths and weaknesses. Bluecube can then remediate any vulnerabilities, bringing their IT estate up to a known good and defendable state. Similar to a vehicle MOT, this process can be repeated annually, or more frequently if used alongside our continuous Secure, Detect and Respond service.

Many businesses choose to use a validation and assessment service for a variety of different reasons, such as following on from a recovery, for peace of mind, or when they are starting with a new Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP).

Bluecube are here to offer you peace of mind and get your IT estate into a strong, defended position.

Our Cyber MOT can include;

Baseline cyber security assessment
Penetration testing
InTune policy management
External Attack Surface Assessment
Kerberos reset
Office 365 security review (hardening)
Vulnerability assessment
Cyber Essentials certification
Cyber Essentials plus: validation

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We can also provide;

Cyber Essentials certification

Bluecube is an authorised CE certification provider, and helps businesses achieve certified status.

Cyber Essentials plus: validation

Level up your CE certification with a technical validation, carried out by a cyber security expert.

Lighthouse reporting
Cyber MOT report

Our customers receive a report detailing the outcomes of our “Cyber MOT” activities, provided within two weeks of their assessment

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Cyber security insurance questionnaires & assurance

Bluecube also assists with the completion of proprietary cyber security questionnaires.

Reduce your exposure to cyber threats

Bluecube ensures the secure validation and assessment of all our client's data and infrastructure. Our cyber 'MOT' service allows for thorough protection to be in place, to keep your world secure.

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