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Meeting Ekco Netherlands at our first Security Study workshop

05 March 2024

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting an Ekco NL Security Study workshop held at our Milton Keynes office. We were lucky to meet over 30 team members from Ekco, from some of their international offices in the Netherlands and Ireland. This gathering marked a significant milestone as our office takes on the role of Ekco's largest UK Security Operations Centre (SOC) team.

It was also lovely being able to bring the different Ekco Security teams together, many of whom had not met since Bluecube were acquired. Being able to connect in person, network and get to know each other heightened spirits and allowed the team to share knowledge, and ideas and most importantly, connect. Here's our impromptu group picture from the end of the day 😊

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Though a jam-packed day, the main points of discussion surrounded: 

- The role of 24/7 Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) in maintaining a proactive security stance.

- Insights into how Extended Detection and Response (XDR) enhances incident response and risk mitigation.

- Exploring our key cyber security services

As you may be aware, we recently developed our Bluecube cyber security services. While there are over 22 services we provide, we wanted to discuss how we have segmented these into 5 core service models we offer to clients. 

- Cyber MOT assessment
- Secure, Detect & Respond
- Cyber Intelligence service
- Education & Awareness 
- Incident Recovery


It was a great day to align our visions and strategies, ensuring a unified approach to cyber security.  It's an exciting time as we move forward in our SOC departments, and it is safe to say the day was full of collaboration, learning and of course... lot's of food 🥪

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