CTS is now part of Bluecube

In April 2024, CTS, a legal-focused MSP business and specialist provider of cloud and managed IT services to legal firms and barristers’ chambers, was acquired by Bluecube – an Ekco company. 

Are you an existing CTS Client looking for support? 

To raise a support ticket, email call the team on 0345 872 4400. Alternatively, you can log tickets and check the status via the new Client Portal, Lighthouse 

If you have 24/7 support and are calling between the hours of 6pm and 7.30am, please call 0345 872 4406. 

Services uniquely designed for your legal business

The legal sector is like no other. It takes years of dedicated learning, exceptional knowledge and determination to always be one step ahead. Every minute and every decision matters and maximising reputation and minimising risk informs every decision made.

IT solutions for the legal sector

Your business is law. Our services have been shaped for law

We deliver IT services for law firms and chambers and understand their needs. Our services have been shaped around the unique requirements of legal sector firms and their users. 

Bluecube understand how lawyers and barristers work. Our clients know our services are uniquely shaped for law and architected to optimise user efficiency and future-proof their business success.

24/7, 365 days a year support
IT environment and estate audit
Threat intelligence and detection
Security monitoring and response
Secure backup and recovery
Technology maintenance
IT infrastructure management

Forward-thinking and proactive IT & security partner

Bluecube deliver purpose-built IT solutions and security to support Barristers’ Chambers and Solicitors. As a forward-thinking and proactive IT and security partner, our managed IT services and cyber security can be tailored to you. 

We ensure that your data is safe and your that your systems are reliable and are there when you need them most.  We’re here to build relationships, make peoples’ lives easier, and our location in Holborn Gate, London means that we can get to you, in person, when you need us. 

We keep your world moving


What we do

Bluecube offer IT support, cyber security, infrastructure and strategy services. We have outlined a few of these below, alternatively you can take a look at our full-service offering.


Cloud platforms

The right technology can deliver a competitive advantage. To maximise productivity, efficiency, and collaboration. To minimise risk, downtime and interruption. We know better than anyone else.

Cyber protection

Cyber protection for law firms and barristers’ chambers requires an in-depth understanding of working practices and expectations to ensure the wheels of justice keep on turning.

Managed services

We understand you need much more than just a helpdesk to contact when something goes wrong. You need proactive, integrated support that pre-empts issues rather than merely reacting to them.

Strategic consultancy
Time is valuable. Every minute matters when working on a case so achieving the best possible outcome means working effectively together. We’re a trusted advisor, not a supplier. We’ll shape an IT strategy that understand the legal as well as the digital.

Law firms

We support our law firm clients to make every working minute more productive, delivering a flexible and secure workspace for users and protecting their client data and reputation with specialist services shaped for law firms. 

The result of the right IT strategy is a successful digital transformation, bringing greater efficiency, productivity and profitability while allowing fee earners to work more flexibly. We will work closely with you to enable secure and immediate access to data and applications from any device anywhere at any time. 

Enable flexibility and user satisfaction 

As your chosen partner, we will provide your workforce with a seamless end user experience by enabling quick and secure access to the applications, data and documents that they need, on the device they want, at any time, from anywhere. 

Defend against cybercriminals 

Dealing with highly sensitive information can make your firm a target for cyber criminals who are on the lookout for vulnerabilities every minute of every day. Our team of security professionals proactively monitor, analyse and identify potential threats, before a breach occurs, to ensure that your sensitive client data, end users and reputation remain protected. 

Barristers Chambers

We enable complete flexibility for our Chamber's clients with a seamless user experience on any device, in any location, giving them access to fast, personalised support with our services shaped for chambers. 

Enable complete flexibility with a seamless user experience on any device, in any location, and access fast, personalised support with our services shaped for chambers. 

Enhancing user experience  

As your chosen partner, we will provide your workforce with a seamless end-user experience by enabling quick and secure access to the applications, data and documents that they need, on the device they want, at any time and from anywhere. 

Access a fast, personalised service 

Our specialist service team is available 24/7, 365 days of the year, giving you full access to support whenever you need it. We intuitively understand the unique requirements of barristers’ chambers and respond quickly, efficiently and proactively, acting as a trusted advisor, not a mere supplier. 

Shape your IT strategy to the future of law 

Bluecube’s expert knowledge, experience and reputation means we are uniquely placed to provide expert guidance on designing a strategy based upon incorporating the right technology that can evolve and grow as you do, delivering a competitive and reputational advantage.

Our expertise

Shaped for law

The legal sector is like no other. It takes years of dedicated learning, exceptional knowledge and determination to always be one step ahead. With every action and decision affecting the progress and outcome of a case. Technology powers justice, so it’s critical that everything works perfectly. Whether in an office, chambers or law court, an optimised solution can make the difference between case lost or case won. 

Services designed for the legal sector

Delivering cloud and managed IT services to legal businesses across the UK and Ireland has been our sole focus for over thirteen years. As the leading IT services provider to the sector, we understand our clients’ needs better than others, working closely with the leading legal software providers to deliver services that are shaped for law. 

Making the complex, simple

Having the right strategy for your business is key to continued success and achieving future growth and ambitions. Our specialist teams work in partnership with you to shape a clear roadmap, digitally transforming your IT solutions to optimise future investment.


Digitally transforming your legal business

The perfect strategy requires a multi-dimensional approach, bringing together a deep understanding of your business objectives, your sector specific applications and your IT architecture, as well as the unique challenges within the legal sector. Our specialist teams work in partnership with you to shape a clear roadmap, digitally transforming your IT solutions to optimise future investment.

What makes Bluecube your perfect partner?

Choosing an IT partner that delivers productivity and positive outcomes now and for the future is key. A partner that’s as dedicated to the legal sector as you are, with the knowledge, know-how and evidence to support every need.

Proactive support and consultation with our Client Engagement Model ensures strategic alignment and success for our clients. Every client is assigned a dedicated Client Engagement Manager to support their IT strategy and solutions, ensuring they receive a quality service that is tailored to their specific requirements.


Our approach - personal, strategic, security-first

As an established provider of outsourced IT solutions, we provide a complete spectrum of support. Whether acting as your outsourced IT department, assisting your existing team, or a combination. We define our Service management at Bluecube as a client-focused, people-first approach to delivering IT services. 

Clients of Bluecube benefit from having a named Client Engagement Manager, whose job is to ensure that our services are aligned with their current and future business needs. They act as a point of escalation and provide strategic input and proactive advice. They ensure your IT meets your needs. 

Boutique service - Access for our dedicated Holborn Gate team

For our legal clients, we deliver a boutique service, meaning all our clients have direct access to our dedicated London team located in Holborn Gate, enabling us to deliver personal managed IT and security services.  

We have a dedicated team for clients in the legal sector at our office at 330 Holborn Gate - a 60-second walk from the Royal Courts of Justice, placing us at the heart of the Inns of Court in London’s legal district. 

Our locality to our clients allows us to deliver in-person or at-desk support (or even, on the steps outside court), as and when required. We also have field engineers that walk around each day to visit the Chambers that we support. Our London team is supported by 200+ engineers and SOC team based at our Head Office in Milton Keynes. 

We go above and beyond the ‘normal’ IT support and security services to ensure that we’re not a faceless service. 

We build real relationships with the people that rely on us. 

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London Office 

  • 109 1st Floor
  • 330 Holborn Gate
  • 325-332 High Holborn
  • London
  • WC1V 7QH 

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Cheshire Office 

  • 7450 Daresbury Park
  • Daresbury
  • Cheshire
  • Warrington
  • WA4 4BS

Strategic IT support & security

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Client testimonials

Ian Wheeler, IT Manager

4 New Square

“The team at Bluecube are finely tuned and in sync with 4 New Square’s needs. The level of service and support is outstanding which has been evident from the outset and has been essential during challenging times. Without question I can highly endorse Bluecube as an IT partner who are totally committed to delivering quality and setting the benchmark high.”

Ben Stern, Senior Clerk

Gray’s Inn Tax Chambers

"The support and service experience is beyond first class! From initial contact, the Bluecube team is welcoming and energetic, as a client you feel engaged and confident you are working with a professional support partner who listens and understands. Quality customer service is in Bluecube’s DNA, a rarity these days. "

Anonymous CTS testimonial

Our ability to provide a service, under any circumstances, is of great importance to us and our clients. In an era of increased data and connectivity, secure business continuity has never been more important. Knowing our data is stored in a secure location, and available to us quickly, is a big weight off our minds. CTS (now Bluecube, part of the Ekco Group) ensures that we will never lose more than 30 minutes of data. All our software and management systems will be immediately replicated too. We see CTS (now Bluecube, part of the Ekco Group) as an extension of our in-house technical team. With CTS (now Bluecube, part of the Ekco Group) by our side, we will tackle any eventuality and be secure in the knowledge that we can meet our clients’ needs at all times.

Anonymous CTS testimonial

“Our experience of working with CTS (now Bluecube, part of the Ekco Group) has been excellent and their relationship with Thomson Reuters has been invaluable for keeping the project on track. Their technical consultants liaised directly with the Thomson Reuters team to provide us with the resource we required at each stage. An IT provider with experience of your applications who demonstrates a willingness to collaborate with your software vendor will reduce the pressure on your in-house team and lead to a better result.” 

Anonymous CTS testimonial

“From the get-go, CTS (now Bluecube, part of the Ekco Group) worked closely with us to gain a real understanding of what we were wanting to achieve throughout our partnership, demonstrating that we were in the good hands of true legal experts. Our confidence was boosted further during our onboarding process, particularly during our migration to the new laptop-centric model, which was carefully planned and executed seamlessly, retaining total functionality and encouraging user adoption.” 

Legal sector IT support FAQs

We understand that a reliable infrastructure, cyber security and proactive IT support are essential for ensuring legal professionals can work efficiently no matter where they are – and that sensitive and confidential client data is protected.

An accredited partner you can trust

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