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How difficult is it to switch to a new IT service provider?

12 August 2022

Switching to a new IT service provider can be challenging if there isn’t the right IT support and a sufficient IT strategy in place. Problems during the handover may lead to unplanned downtime and costly data losses, which can put many businesses off transitioning from one IT service provider to another.

Thinking of switching IT providers? Learn how to have a hassle-free transition

Many companies will stay with their existing IT provider, even if they’re not receiving an effective IT service that works for them. All because of concerns about switching to a new managed service provider and the business issues it could cause. With our top tips, this can be avoided, so read on for a smooth transition to a new IT service provider.

Switching IT Service Providers Doesn't Have To Be Stressful

With the right support and guidance, your organisation can change to a better IT provider without any problems occurring.

When you switch to the right IT company they will make the process smooth and easy; it'll feel effortless. A dedicated project team can manage every aspect of the changeover. They are a team of specialist IT engineers who will support your organisation through crucial aspects of the transition phase, such as switching cloud providers or designing a new IT infrastructure. This is how navigating the switch can be problem-free with the right support.

These are some key areas to monitor to ensure your IT provider switch occurs problem-free:

How To Prepare Your Business When Switching IT Providers

The first step when switching IT providers is to ensure a proper plan is in place. Your business’s new IT provider will develop this strategy and design it around your company’s requirements. With a tailor-made plan for the changeover, your business can switch service providers in a smooth and stress-free transition.

Your business’s new IT provider will create processes to avoid any potential risks impacting your company. Whatever concern your organisation has, your new IT company will implement solutions to prevent them from occurring.

Here are some common worries businesses have and how they can be mitigated against:

  • Unplanned Downtime: Unfortunately, downtime can be unavoidable. However, the right plan will put in place measures to reduce the amount of downtime necessary and ensure your business is always prepared.
  • Lost Data: To avoid losing any valuable data, your company’s new managed services provider will create backups and ensure the data is migrated securely.
  • Unforeseen Costs: Your company’s new IT provider will implement a plan to remove the risk of any IT issues leading to unplanned costs.


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How Does The Switch to a New Provider Work?

The time to change IT service providers will be different for every organisation. However, one key sign a switch is necessary is if your current service provider is not helping you meet your IT and business goals. This could be because your needs have outgrown the services that they offer.

When you decide to transfer to a new provider, the aim should be to find an IT company that is a good fit for your business. Of course, you should inform your existing provider that you intend to leave, while this is a courtesy it’s also practical as you can discuss contractual obligations such as notice periods.

Once you’ve discussed this, you can agree to your new working partnership and a timeline that works for both your organisation and your new IT company. From here, your new IT provider should manage the changeover to ensure the switch of IT providers is as smooth as possible.

This includes contacting your existing IT managed services provider to discuss your organisation’s requirements, current systems, and important information such as passwords. Your new IT provider should be communicating with your existing one throughout the process to make sure the switch is smooth.

Once the change is complete, your new provider should schedule regular meetings throughout the early stages of your relationship. This establishes that they’re delivering a bespoke IT service that is benefiting your business.

How We Ensure A Smooth Switch of IT Providers

At Bluecube, we will deliver IT services that are tailored to each business that we work with. To confirm a smooth switch, when we take over as your IT provider, we have a committed projects team whose responsibility is to manage the transition period.

  • Dedicated Client Manager: Your organisation having a client manager means communication will never be an issue. They will be your point of contact, so any questions you have will be answered and the process will be as transparent as possible. Our client manager’s aim is to keep you in the loop and ensure the process is as simple as possible.
  • On-Site Engineers: IT support is quick and easy. Our engineers are available 24/7 to fix any issues and will always help create a new, optimised IT infrastructure for your organisation. During the switch to a new IT provider, having support available on-site is essential to make the process smooth. On-site IT engineers take the time to learn about and understand your organisation. This not only means your goals but also your philosophy and personality, which allows them to build a good relationship with every client.
  • Cloud-Based Solutions: The cloud provides a secure data storage solution that makes the switch between service providers simple and easy.

The Benefits Of A Bespoke IT Provider Plan

Every business will have different goals to achieve, this will make the switch between IT providers unique for every client. At Bluecube, we design and implement an IT strategy that helps your organisation achieve your goals. This strategy will also include processes to offer support during any IT challenges you face.

Catering to a Fast Growing Business

Medical Research Network (MRN), who had been growing by 30% every year since they were founded in 2006, needed their IT provider to scale with them and adapt their services to fit its expanding requirements. We were able to deliver this by designing an IT strategy that supported MRN through all their goals and challenges.

They couldn’t afford any delays when switching to Bluecube’s IT services full-time, both because of their rapid growth, and also as they store clinical trial data that is highly confidential.

To deliver a smooth transition and results that benefitted the client, we developed a strategic IT plan based on the client’s needs and business goals. This was a massive part of what the client wanted, they didn’t want a faceless IT provider, they wanted an empathetic, committed partner who will help improve how they operate.

Thinking of Switching To a New IT Service Provider? Contact Bluecube

Approaching an IT changeover can seem challenging, but simple steps make the process much smoother. Alongside tried and tested processes, such as providing a dedicated client manager, projects team, and on-site engineers, switching to Bluecube’s managed IT services is simple. Call us on 0845 257 8010 or contact us today.