24/7 Infrastructure Support

For us, infrastructure management goes above and beyond keeping your hardware, software, networks and cloud services up and running. We share in your long-term goals, and save you valuable time, streamlining operations to drive efficiency. 


By providing managed IT services, we give you the headspace you need to focus on your business, gain a competitive edge and seize exciting opportunities. If your IT infrastructure is not properly implemented, managed and maintained, you may be vulnerable to connectivity, productivity and security problems, which affects performance and profitability. With Bluecube as your trusted partner, we can anticipate threats to your Infrastructure early, taking action long before issues arise — managing every inch of your IT estate with meticulous attention to detail.


Our Managed Infrastructure Services

Whether you require on-premises support or need us to build and manage Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on a secure cloud platform, we can solve your most complex organisational challenges. Having developed long-standing relationships with global organisations and large enterprises, we can work as an extension of your team, managing all of the technology that underpins your company's software, processes and operations. 

Here are some of the ways we can help with managed infrastructure services:

  • User Account Management
  • Network Operations Centre (NOC)
  • Security Operations Centre (SOC)
  • Cloud Provision and Management
  • Network and Communication Monitoring 
  • Technical and Maintenance Services

Is Your IT Estate Showing Signs Of Ageing?

Whether your legacy systems are ill-equipped to enable collaboration, you're struggling to keep up with your competitors or employee productivity is steadily declining; we can re-energise your infrastructure from top to bottom. Bluecube is committed to ensuring your hardware, software and networks work faster, smarter and more efficiently than ever. 

As a Tier 1 Microsoft Partner and Cloud Service Provider, we've helped many organisations transition smoothly from traditional infrastructure to a cloud environment such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you control costs, increase agility and stay ahead of cyber security threats, please contact us today. 

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24/7 Infrastructure Support

We frequently are asked the questions below regarding patching. If you are wondering about the same questions, contact us today to discuss how to protect your business and infrastructure.

  • How often do you update our systems?
  • Does patching include third party products?
  • What is a CVE?
  • What is a patchable Vulnerability?
  • How do I know if my machine is up to date?
  • When do you install the semi annual feature updates?
  • What is meant by a Managed Patch service?   - Scheduled reboots, Risk Review, Alerts monitoring, Reporting.