Create an IT Strategy That Supports Your Business Objectives

Technology is rapidly changing the business landscape — if you’re not moving with the times, you’re likely to be left behind. It’s perhaps more important than ever to have an agile IT strategy in place to cover all facets of your technology, such as software, applications, hardware, networks, communications and cyber security. 


By working closely with you to develop, implement and optimise an effective IT strategy, Bluecube’s experienced IT consultants can prepare you for emerging challenges, identify bottlenecks and support your planned growth. You can finally weed out underperforming IT, utilise the right technology and implement crucial changes in a timely and methodical fashion. 


IT Strategy Management - Does Your IT Strategy Align With Your Business Goals?

We recognise that creating a successful IT strategy requires a strong understanding of your business, people, culture, organisational structure and goals. Whether you need help eliminating costly, problematic or wasteful technology or require a ‘second pair of eyes’ to work alongside your internal team and deliver real IT advancements — we can align your IT estate to your organisation’s objectives.  

We encourage longstanding partnerships, built on honesty, integrity and transparency. Bluecube always puts your interests first, delivering you the very best IT strategic insight to improve business health. We can:

  • Assess how your IT infrastructure is performing
  • Identify issues and frustrations
  • Ensure you have the right infrastructure in place to increase efficiencies
  • Maximise protection against security threats
  • Accelerate digital transformation through cloud adoption
  • Deliver data backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Safeguard your confidential data and maximise uptime
  • Leverage automation tools to boost productivity
  • Enhance user experience

Business IT Strategy Help - Proactive Protection Against Cyber Threats

Almost half of UK businesses suffered a breach within the last year, yet this number rises to 68% for medium-sized firms and 75% for large enterprises.

If you need expert assistance keeping your IT infrastructure secure and your people safe, our Cyber Essentials certified team can deliver a comprehensive range of advanced IT security services, including:

Malware Protection

Protection against viruses, malware and other forms of malicious software that pose a threat to your system.

Disaster Recovery

A set of policies, tools and procedures to facilitate the swift recovery or continuance of critical IT infrastructure and systems.


We can store and safeguard your business-critical information on servers, workstations, or your cloud, allowing you to restore data in the event of an attack quickly.


With patch management, we can allocate and apply corrective updates to software, eliminating potential "vulnerabilities" or "bugs".

Explore Our Cyber Security Services

Are You Cloud-Ready?

The majority of organisations do not currently have a formal cloud strategy; however, reports suggest that by 2022, 70 percent of them will. Whether you’re looking to move your business-critical workloads to the cloud from traditional infrastructure or require an effective cloud strategy to produce a clear roadmap for the future, we can assess your needs with respect to your people, processes and technology. 

Bluecube’s experienced cloud computing engineers can help you make an informed decision on deployment, platforms, data processing, security, productivity and collaboration, outlining in detail how each step should be carried out. 

We frequently are asked the questions below and if you are wondering about the same questions, contact us today to discuss how to protect your business and infrastructure.

  • How do you really drive our strategy?
  • How do you ensure that we retain control of our IT?
  • How do you ensure that your delivery to us is of good quality?
  • How do you verify that you have actually fixed an issue?
  • What does your support service look like from our perspective, what is the process?
  • How do you manage all of our third-party suppliers?
  • Do you provide a single point of contact for all IT issues?