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How to choose the right IT provider for your business?

12 August 2022

Any business that’s even thought about working with a reliable IT company will know how many IT service providers are out there. Partnering with the right IT service provider is essential to achieving your business goals.

Technology plays a mission-critical role in almost every aspect of your business. That’s why, in 2022, every modern business needs an IT infrastructure that supports its operations.

The right IT provider supports you to achieve your targets, tailors their delivery to your organisation’s needs, and delivers you a measurable ROI. However, with so many features of IT, from cyber security and applications to cloud services, it can be a challenge to know which IT provider to choose.

But you don’t need to panic, we’ve put together this short guide featuring expert industry tips on how to choose the right IT service provider.


Choosing The Right Managed IT Service Provider For Your Business

Showcase Experience, Reviews, & Certifications

When you’re choosing an IT service provider, as a business owner, you need to trust that the service provider can deliver the IT service you need. You’re paying for a company to act as technology consultants and provide the IT infrastructure, tools, and expertise to help your business succeed and grow.

So, how do you know a managed service provider has what it takes to support your business?

The most effective way to find out is by evaluating the IT provider’s experience, reviews, and certifications.

A managed IT service provider you can trust will have many reviews from happy clients. Use these reviews to verify if a company has the necessary industry experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s case studies or testimonials, reviews let you hear what the IT service provider is all about, directly from the companies they’ve helped.

Reputable certifications and accreditations also showcase the skills an IT provider’s team members have. It also gives you an insight into the company’s culture - is it a company that nurtures that talent? When a company regularly achieves new certifications, this demonstrates that they’re always looking to grow and develop their IT expertise to benefit the businesses they work with. 

  • Gold Microsoft partnership
  • Dell Partner
  • Direct partnership
  • Meeting ISO/ IEC 27001 standards

These certifications are all indicators an IT provider is dedicated to matching industry best practices and improving their services.

Deliver A Bespoke IT Service 

Your business has specific goals and challenges. Your IT service provider needs to help, not hinder your company on the way to reaching exciting milestones. They must understand your targets and what your business needs to do to achieve them. 

If the same IT service is delivered to every client, some may be successful, but it will be down to luck. For IT solutions to deliver tangible results and secure you a measurable ROI, they need to be tailored to the requirements of your business and industry.

When researching IT providers, look for a company that customises its solutions and services depending on the client. Off-the-shelf IT services may work for some businesses; however, they won’t work for everyone. If your goal is growth and long-term success, you need a bespoke IT service that’s tailored to your business.

IT consultants should meet with your senior team members to understand your requirements. They can then evaluate your business’s infrastructure and make an informed decision on the software and hardware you need. Before you choose an IT service provider, confirm they can deliver a comprehensive solution that avoids unnecessary costs.

Scalability - Grow With Your Business

When business booms and profits soar, your company grows and sets its sights on exciting new goals and targets. The last thing you want as a business owner is your IT infrastructure to hold you back. Choose an IT provider that can scale alongside your business, so you don’t have to delay targets and are prepared for growth.

Scalability needs to match your rate of growth. When deciding on the right IT service provider for your company, check what their limitations are and how the billing structure will change as services adapt. 

If a provider has a project management team, this displays they have a long-term strategy for helping your company succeed. From the initial details and concepts to the creation and implementation of IT infrastructure, providers need to deliver a bespoke service in the short and long term. 

Location, Location, Location - Are They A Local IT Support Company? Or Do They Provide Field On-Site Support Too?

A local IT service provider ensures they can deliver on-site IT support quickly. While remote IT support solves the majority of IT problems that arise, sometimes an on-site engineer is required to fix a problem before it escalates. If your business is based in London, choose an IT service provider that has a dedicated headquarters in the capital, for example.

Choosing a geographically close IT provider may mean they understand your business needs more clearly. You can trust the local IT company has experience of how to build and grow a successful organisation in the same location. 

Through this shared experience, you give your business the best chance of success through the implementation of a comprehensive IT infrastructure. 

At Bluecube, we have offices in the UK and overseas with field engineers across the local areas of Milton Keynes, London, Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge, and Leeds. So no matter where you're based in the UK, we can help provide tailored remote or on-site business IT support. You can find our head office in Central Milton Keynes, a short walk from the CMK railway station and 5 minutes away from the M1.

Data Storage Capacity & Cyber Security Services

Malware, man in the middle (MITM) and phishing attacks, and many other threats pose a risk to your business.

Achieving your business’s goals is impossible if there are consistent data losses and unplanned downtime. Your IT service provider needs to have the capacity to protect against ever-evolving threats from cyber criminals.

The reason you need cyber security protections is to safeguard your business’s data. Whether it’s passwords and mission-critical software or sensitive 3rd party information, there is a wide range of data you will need to store securely. Choosing an IT provider that specialises in cloud services allows you to utilise the cloud to store your business’s data in a secure and accessible way for your staff.

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