IT Support in Birmingham

We deliver round-the-clock IT Support services. Plus, a portfolio of infrastructure, security and cloud management services to keep your IT system working as it should.


How our IT Support Services in Birmingham can ensure your business succeeds.

Our Birmingham IT Support Services can transform your business.


Having IT Support issues while trying to run your business is extremely challenging. These issues could be old IT systems or a lack of confidence over your IT security. Fully managed IT Support in Birmingham can rejuvenate how your business operates.


With the right support services, our team can remove any needless stress and allow you to focus on other crucial aspects of your company. This is why expert tech support can help to increase your time working and your profits.


Birmingham is not only a hub of business in the West Midlands but the whole of the UK. Our fully managed IT Support Service is ideal for businesses in Birmingham and the West Midlands. If you’re operating across the Midlands, our team at Bluecube can offer professional and detailed support. Because our specialist IT technicians can support and manage all your company’s IT needs.

Professional IT Support in Birmingham

We are a local IT Support provider that services companies across Birmingham and the West Midlands. Whether you're a small, mid-size, or large company, our team can help. Every business has technology needs. These demands will change and increase as your company grows. Our team can provide specialist tech support now and help you plan for the future.


As a company, we are a Tier 1 Microsoft Partner and Cloud Service provider. As well as ISO27001 certified. This means we can provide you with cost-saving subscriptions and cloud management solutions bespoke for you. But what makes our IT service stand out is three factors.

24/7 IT Support

At Bluecube, we offer round-the-clock IT Support. You can always reach out to us with any IT problems or queries. This includes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer a call-out service where our team will visit your premises to provide the needed IT solution. As well as by phone and via our exclusive service portal Lighthouse. IT Support needs to be 24/7 because IT doesn't sleep.

  • 24/7 Service Desk

  • Problem Management

  • Field Engineering

  • True staff Engagement

Security Management

Even in the same industry, every business is different. That is why IT Support should be tailored to your company's specific needs. We will help create or adapt your IT infrastructure to optimise how you operate. Our team will do this based on how your company works and what is important to your team and brand. At Bluecube, we focus on a support service that is bespoke to you. Which is why our performance metrics show we're in the top 5% of UK Managed Service Providers.

  • User Account Management

  • Network Operations Centre (NOC)

  • Security Operations Centre (SOC)

  • Cloud provision and management

At Bluecube, we want to provide security for every aspect of your business, not only your online presence. This is why we provide your company with your own engagement manager. We will learn about your organisation and the way your team operates. This way we can provide bespoke cybersecurity services that fulfil the exact requirements of your business.

  • Backup

  • Patching

  • Anti-Virus

  • Disaster Recovery

Bespoke IT Support

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Finding the right IT Support in Birmingham can be difficult. That’s why we offer a personal service for each of our clients. So, you get the right IT Support that is perfect for you. If this sounds like something you can’t afford to miss out on, fill in the form below and one of our friendly team will be in touch!

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Managed IT Support in Birmingham


Birmingham is one of the most vibrant and innovative cities in Europe, not only in the UK. It’s the second-largest city in the UK and is the heart of the West Midlands. Birmingham has world-renowned universities which is a reason why it's one of the most innovative parts of the UK.


Birmingham is currently receiving billions of pounds worth of investment in the city’s economy. This has led to Birmingham seeing the fastest growth in business numbers in England. As well as the second-highest number of employees and business startups in the country.


As a company grows, how it uses its IT systems becomes essential for its future. From small businesses to large multinational corporations, IT Support is something all industries will benefit from. Here at Bluecube, our team can modernise your processes and bring in the latest technology services. But what are the services we provide? And how can we transform your business?



IT Services for Businesses in Birmingham

We offer bespoke IT solutions no matter what industry you operate in. Your team will be able to work with more efficiency and effectiveness. With the support of specialist IT technicians, you can transform how your business operates. As part of our tech support services in Birmingham, you will have a personal IT Director. This is someone who can offer expert strategic guidance. As well as an expert who will always be available to discuss your IT infrastructure.


Cloud Services in Birmingham

Modern businesses need secure access to their IT systems and data at any time in any place. Bluecube's specialist team can offer this with Cloud Services and cloud technology. Having an expert cloud service provider lets you unlock many IT benefits. Bluecube can help connect your team of staff from anywhere in the world. Allowing you to transform how your employees are able to collaborate and communicate. Cloud Services let you guarantee connection across your company and get the most out of your IT.


IT Security in Birmingham

A massive factor for any business is its security. As time goes on, cybersecurity has become essential for all businesses. Think about how much your company relies on its data. If you rely on the valuable stock in a warehouse, you would invest in security. When you rely on valuable online data, cybersecurity is essential. Our team stays ahead of the game so that you will stay protected from any cyber risks for years to come.

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