Why should you consider 24/7 IT support?

As every business owner knows computers, laptops and servers are crucial to the business running smoothly. But when things go wrong it can have a major impact on your business.
It could just be something simple as your computer running slow, a computer crashing or a virus corrupting your system, whatever the problem your business needs effective IT support to help your business deliver on its promises to your customers.
Unfortunately computer problems don’t just happen during office hours, they happen in the evenings and weekends too! That’s why having 24/7 IT support from a managed IT services provider can help you deal with the unexpected.

For example, what would you do in the following situations?

  • Your WiFi keeps dropping out or completely disconnects meaning your staff can’t get online to receive customer service emails.

  • Your online shopping cart crashes early in the morning, just as the people who buy online from you are starting their day.

  • You suddenly get a lot of pop-up ads appearing on your desktop disrupting your work and generally annoying you.

  • A virus attacks your system after everyone has gone home and continues to do so until you get in the following morning

  • your computer is running slow causing frustration as you’ve got a deadline to meet and you can’t afford to waste time.


These are all examples of common problems we come across. Some are just plain irritating but others could spell disaster for your business.

The changing nature of IT means that IT departments are shrinking, while also becoming increasingly involved in areas outside what is traditionally considered as IT support, for example, getting involved in business and strategic planning. This means that your IT staff need to be able to concentrate on activities that will drive your business and improve your bottom line.

The benefits of 24/7 IT support

24/7 IT support gives you round the clock access to a team of engineers and ‘techys’ who can help you solve your problem quickly and with the minimum amount of stress. But aside from giving you a high level of confidence in your IT systems and reducing your technical worries there are other benefits to 24/7 IT support.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Lower IT staffing costs while still being able to call on engineers and ‘techys’ who are fully qualified and have a high level of expertise.

  • Focus on the running, and growing, of your business, without getting distracted by IT issues.

  • Improve your customer service by effectively using your IT systems, and dealing with IT issues quickly.

  • Extend the capability of your IT support team while still remaining in control.

  • Grow your business with scale able IT platforms and expert advice and guidance from your supplier.

  • Have a single point of contact for all of your IT requirements so there’s no confusion over whom to contact, no matter how large your organisation.


24/7 IT support isn’t just for large organisations with thousands of employees, even smaller companies, for example those with just 50 employees, need to have some IT support arrangements in place to deal with those pressing issues that happen outside of work hours or an employee’s annual leave or health problems.

And 24/7 IT support doesn’t have to be costly, it can range from full around the clock monitoring to having someone you can contact when there’s a problem, which means you can chose a service to suit your budget. The price will depend on the type of service you’re outsourcing but it’s also important that you check the service level agreements from your provider. Trust is a very important factor when it comes to outsourcing your IT support, so take the time to find the right IT support partner for your business.
If you have any questions about 24/7 IT support,

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