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Why do businesses need IT support?

13 August 2022

IT support for businesses is key to staying competitive in any industry. All sectors rely on IT and modern companies need to continually update their technology to continue succeeding. Subsequently, many businesses outsource their IT services to ensure they’re getting the assistance they need.

Companies outsourcing their IT can lower their operating costs and increase the IT expertise they have available. While these are some of the advantages of IT support, many businesses are not aware of everything that IT support offers.

Benefits of IT support include protecting a business from cyber-attacks, reducing the risk of downtime such as a website going offline or computer systems failing, and ensuring any issues are diagnosed fast so small problems never escalate. However, there are so many other benefits to consider.


What are some IT support benefits?

Here are 5 of the lesser-known benefits of outsourcing IT support for businesses.

1. IT Problem Management

Problem management is a managed IT service that focuses on the IT problems that could happen to a business.

The main goal of problem management services is to prevent an IT crisis. This could be a catastrophic system failure or a company’s website going down. These crises don’t come out of nowhere, there are signs and smaller issues that identify a potentially bigger problem. IT service providers will spot these small issues early, so they don’t escalate and cause any avoidable damage.

When and if problems arise, IT support finds ways to overcome them. Successful IT problem management will save a business time, money, and ensure the company’s data is protected. These benefits are why outsourced tech support is such a valuable investment for businesses.

Problem managers are responsible for managing the lifecycle of an IT issue. First, they diagnose a problem, then identify a solution, and finally, take quick, effective action. After a problem has been dealt with, they will check for any underlying issues that could have caused it.

Companies will face different challenges depending on their industry, products, and services. Beneficial problem management will support a business’s activities, no matter what they are. This will always include IT security solutions.

2. Reduce the risk of cyber attacks 

Another advantage of IT support is that it also includes safeguards against cyber attacks.

If staff only react to cyber-attacks when they happen, the more likely the attack is to negatively impact a business. Businesses need a proactive cyber security plan to mitigate the risks of an attack. 24/7 IT support staff will then implement this plan whenever a company needs it.

3. Reduced Downtime 

IT problems can stop a business in its tracks. The wrong issue will prevent a business’s computer systems or a network from working entirely. If staff can’t work, then a company can lose out on business. This could mean a large chunk of profit is lost and a business’s reputation is damaged. This can all be avoided with reliable IT services.

IT support will help a business to run as efficiently as possible, no matter the IT issue that occurs. Whatever the problem, IT support staff will diagnose it and get the business back online fast.

Reducing downtime improves team morale, increases profits, and optimises the working day.

4. 24/7 IT support 

Many businesses operate internationally and have clients across many time zones. Therefore, 24/7 IT support is vital as IT never sleeps. An issue or cyber attack may occur at any time but IT support can help a business solve any problems day or night.

Right now, the standard 9-5 working pattern is shifting. With many people working remotely, the typical working day has changed and could have changed forever. This means a business will need access to IT services for more than just 9 to 5. The biggest benefit of outsourced tech support is it’s always available: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

5. Regular Maintenance Checks

Regular maintenance checks are a massive part of IT support. It’s always better to avoid an issue than have to deal with it. Instead of waiting for a problem to pop up, IT maintenance seeks out potential issues and stops them from affecting a company. It spots any security gaps, and possible hardware problems, and anticipates future system failures.

IT support will also help a business to upgrade its IT infrastructure. IT maintenance checks allow a company to spot any computer hardware or software that needs improving. This allows businesses to optimise their IT infrastructure and keep growing as a company.

Regular and effective IT maintenance checks can stop many IT problems from happening. An IT service provider is so important for companies. It ensures a business is protected and is an invaluable investment in the future.

Key components of using Bluecube IT support

Bluecube offer outsourced IT support, managed IT services, on-site and remote help, cyber security services and more.

  • 24/7x365 IT support maintenance and monitoring 
  • Professional and highly skilled engineers
  • Services and responses catered services to your business
  • Asset and IT infrastructure management
  • Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO27001-certified security services
  • Regular updates and daily back-ups
  • Configured devices sourced to your business
  • Infrastructure specifically designed, built and delivered to you


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