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ISO27001: What is it and why do we have it?

Bluecube are IS027001 certified, meaning we manage information security risk to the highest standard within all processes.

Bluecube are IS027001 certified, meaning we manage information security risk to the highest standard within all processes.

What is ISO27001?

ISO27001 is an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and it’s the leading international standard for information security. The certification is achieved by organisations, like Bluecube, which will have information security risk management processes which address security as a top priority. 

An ISMS is a framework of policies and procedures that structures how an organisation should manage risk associated with information security threats, including policies, staff training and legal, physical and technical security controls involved in an organisation's own information risk management process.

ISO27001 helps organisations to protect their information systemically, effectively and efficiently and be able to safeguard their internal and external processes.

What does being ISO27001 certified mean?

At first glance, seeing this logo or term can be confusing; what does it mean?

BSI ISO27001

Within its documentation, it states that ISO27001 was developed to “provide a model for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving an information security management system”.

ISO27001 does not tell organisations what to do and does not mandate specific information security controls, rather, it provides a checklist that businesses can follow and align with their own risk management processes. For Bluecube, it enables us to manage the security assets in form of information, data and intellectual property using guidelines intended to protect them from loss, risks or unauthorised access.

This is very important because we manage our information and our clients’ information too.  We can only do so by assuring confidence that it is always secure and protected.

You will often see ISO27001 being referred to as the ‘information security management standard’. This is because it is globally recognised as the highest achievable information security certification; only the most secure IT providers can achieve it.

Achieving IS027001 certified status is very important for our growth and success because, with this certificate, we can assure confidence that our deliverables are always secure and our client's information is secure.

The 3 key principles of ISMS

When it comes to technology, there are three key pillars of information security that are essential foundations for implementing an ISMS; these are the foundations of ISO27001: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

  • Confidentiality: Refers to the prevention of unauthorised people or programs from accessing information.

Whether this is password protection, encryption programs, restricting physical access to devices or authentication, confidentiality methods should be in place to ensure information is protected. Only authorised and intended persons should have the right to access information. This is important in terms of privacy but also because confidential information is often more sensitive and so, has value to cyber criminals who will exploit vulnerabilities to gain unauthorised access.

  • Integrity: Only authorised persons can alter the information.

Integrity measures aim to provide assurance in the accuracy and completeness of data. We wouldn’t like to know our work or information had been changed by people who shouldn’t have, it’s a breach of privacy! Therefore, these measures are in place to ensure that systems users can only alter information they are authorised to. It allows us to remain confident in our work and have confidence in the integrity of our data.

  • Availability: The information must be accessible to authorised persons whenever it is needed.

Availability measures are in place to allow for uninterrupted access to systems. Information isn’t useful if we can’t access it, and many businesses would not be able to function without their access making availability a very high priority. Therefore, we have a 24x7x365 team here at Bluecube; we recognise that and aim to always ‘keep your world moving’ because losing access can be detrimental to business operations and their ability to function.

The key benefits of the ISO27001 certification

So, what are the benefits of having an ISO27001 certification? It is a brilliant question! There are many advantages to working in an ISO27001-certified organisation such as Bluecube, so let’s go into some more detail…                                                                                                                                        

Credibility and trust  

We have increased trust with clients, partners, and employees by always adhering to established security procedures. This ensures both our services and relationships are secure and we can assure you with confidence, that we understand the challenges and can deliver catered solutions securely. Our biggest asset is our security-aware team.

Control of IT risk

The controls that ISO27001 sets out, ensure that data will receive higher levels of protection. Information security is embedded in Bluecube’s culture meaning it is always at the forefront of what we do. By identifying vulnerability points, analysing data, and prioritising information risk, our teams have established IT risk management processes to constantly monitor your risk.

Structured compliance

Bluecube understands information security is about people and their behaviour, not just technology. Therefore, throughout all operations, structured methods are used to address security compliance requirements.

Quality assurance

The ISO27001 certification guarantees a high standard of information security quality is being delivered by the organisation. Bluecube will be subjected to frequent checks and implement rigid security procedures; these two things ensure exceptional levels of quality are maintained all the time. Even the way we behave at work is aligned with security, many things we do on a day-to-day are because of ISO27001, reducing the risk of human errors that may lead to a breach. There is assurance in all elements of the business, that risk is minimised, and security is prioritised.

Enhanced market position

ISO27001 compliance helps differentiate Bluecube from others because it demonstrates when it comes to security, we are experts and we do it really well. The skills we deliver but also learn along the way, are our asset and being certified brings a lot of value to us all. Having ISO27001 is allowing us to work with incredible clients and also employ amazing people who all value the importance of security.

Detection of vulnerabilities

We deliver 24x7x365 monitoring and malware protection, managed detection, and response services, patching and dark web monitoring all allowing for proactive protection, detection, and threat intelligence. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology which allows us to stay up to date with the best methods to prevent and protect systems and infrastructure, always. Prevention is better than cure!

Reduces risk and disruption

At Bluecube, our mission is to make people’s lives easier, more organised, and more secure. We recognise that when systems or infrastructures stop working or go down, this can completely halt their operations. We have systems in place to detect and respond to any vulnerabilities or potential threats and ensure processes are also in place to ensure the continuance of important infrastructure and we back up the valuable information. As well as this, our 24x7x365 Crisis Response team exists to be proactive and deliver smooth disaster recovery. We stop at nothing to make sure your world keeps moving.

Why does Bluecube have an ISO27001 accreditation?

The most secure cyber security and technology solution providers will integrate ‘Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability’ into their everyday procedures and practice. And that’s why Bluecube have been awarded it.

Our clients value how importantly we prioritise security and with this certified status we have been recognised for our commitment.

One of the key things about ISO27001 where many companies fall short, is that the standard requires cooperation among all sections of the business - no matter what department you are in, at Bluecube, we will:

Lock our screens when away from our desks
Always use fobs when moving around the building
Follow a 'clear desk' policy
Report any suspicious or suspicious security issues or non-compliance
Use encrypted and password protected software and devices
Not open external documents and links
Use internally built software to engage securely with clients and each other
Only have access to authorised accounts and passwords

By doing this, we are actively complying with ISO27001 standards every day; our team are a very important reason why we have this certificate.

The skills we deliver but also learn along the way, are our asset and being certified brings a lot of value to us all. Having ISO27001 is allowing us to work with incredible clients and employ amazing people who all value the importance of security.