Using technology to drive growth and innovation

One of the best ways to grow your business is through innovation and technology. Technology in particular has the ability to help businesses gain efficiencies and differentiate themselves, whether that’s through utilising technology to improve businesses processes or deliver new products and services.

Unfortunately IT complexity can often get in the way of business innovation, meaning the business can’t always be as competitive as it wants to be or react to new opportunities as quickly as it would like to. Legacy systems can appear to be essential to keeping the business running and changing them can be often met with resistance despite the need to be overhauled in order to deliver results in our increasingly digital world.

In fact a recent survey from Accenture found that while willing to devote substantial new capital investment for IT-led innovation, just over half the CEOs interviewed admitted that their organisations were at the forefront of making the best use of new technology.

If businesses want to grow then they need to use technology to get close to their customers and engage them. This means they need to set up their organisations and processes around technology and innovation if they are to take advantage of new opportunities and developments.

How to take use technology to drive growth and innovation

According to the Accenture report, ‘Driving Business Innovation Through Technology Innovation: CIOs’ critical role as digital innovators,’ there are three stages to using technology to drive growth and innovation:

  • Develop a business and technology vision
    Bring the latest technology trends, insights and implications and kick start a joint business and technology innovation agenda. The process will expose weaknesses in the strategy and open up the next round of business and technology collaboration opportunities.

  • Simplify and drive agility
    Trial innovative initiatives, technologies, services and working practices that can begin to address technology complexity. Address processes and prepare to operate as a multi-speed business.

  • Formalize innovation
    Establish the business and technology innovation appetite, secure seed funding and establish a technology innovation service.


How your IT Managed Service Provider can help

There are a number of ways your IT Managed Service Provider can help you:

  • Consultancy
    Managed Service Providers, such as Bluecube, can provide you with a dedicated consultancy resource for your specific business needs, whether it's developing your IT strategy, an office move, solution design and implementation, or Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions. We can also help you connect the dots between your business strategy and IT strategy by carrying out an appraisal of your current systems and helping you plan for implementing and trialling new systems and software.

  • Cloud computing
    Cloud computing is increasingly used by businesses as it offers them the flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Cloud computing lets people connect workflows across different systems, departments and locations. It lets people access data when and where they need it, even through mobile devices such as smart phones. Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) gives you the flexibility of increasing or decreasing the capacity you need, when you need it and provides you with geographical resilience which gives you Business Continuity built in as standard. Meaning that in the event of a disaster you can be back up and running within minutes.

  • Let you focus on developing your business
    Managed Services Providers can take the strain of managing your IT services off you and your staff allowing you to concentrate on developing and implementing your IT strategy in line with your business goals. This could include services such as 24 x 7 IT support, secure off-site managed backup, managed wireless networks and proactive monitoring of your systems to catch problems before they catch you.

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