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How IT services in London are supporting the tech start-up boom

12 August 2022

One of the most unexpected, yet positive, consequences of the pandemic has been the rise in start-up businesses.

Entrepreneurs have founded over 400,000 new businesses in the UK since 2020, despite the challenges presented by the pandemic – this is the biggest start-up boom in Britain in over 10 years. This rise in start-up businesses isn’t only being seen in the UK, throughout Europe creative concepts are accruing investment and growing into profitable enterprises.

IT Services in London

Across Europe and the UK, London has been the epicentre for this boom in start-up businesses and no sector has seen more growth than in tech. In 2021, London tech start-ups raised a record-breaking £18.55bn in venture capital investment. Ranking 4th for global investment in tech start-ups, London only sat behind San Francisco, New York, and Greater Boston.

England’s capital is home to several ‘Unicorn’ start-up businesses (popular terminology for privately held start-up enterprises valued over $1bn). No other European city has as many; across London, there are 71 unicorn start-ups. Paris currently only hosts 21 ‘Unicorns’ which is the 2nd highest. 

IT Services in London have been scrambling to keep up with the ever-growing demand from innovative, expanding tech start-up businesses. Whether it’s to establish a comprehensive IT infrastructure, improve cybersecurity, or transition data to the cloud, many new enterprises are investing in managed IT services in London. Often, to cope with the rapid growth recent successful tech start-up businesses are seeing, IT support services are essential.


What’s Sparking The London Tech Start-Up Boom?

When the first lockdown restrictions were eased in the summer of 2020, a combination of low-interest rates, consumers shopping online, and available government support, created the perfect circumstances for ambitious tech entrepreneurs with an innovative idea. 

Because of these conditions, it makes sense that London is the hub of growing tech start-ups across the UK and Europe. The capital offers entrepreneurs many investment opportunities, local graduates from world-renowned universities, and established talent with industry experience. 

Some of the recent tech start-up founders also found themselves unemployed during the pandemic, so started their company as a way of paying the bills. After an unprecedented event like the Coronavirus pandemic, many others were talented professionals who reassessed their priorities during this time and took a chance on themselves by founding their business start up in tech.

How IT Services In London Support Tech Start-Ups

A strong foundation is what an organisation needs to be successful and grow. IT infrastructure is the cornerstone of a business’s operations; allowing collaboration, storing data securely, and implementing a scalable IT strategy to accommodate growth.

IT services in London have supported many tech start-up companies across the capital to achieve their goals and succeed, and here is how:

Manage IT Operations

IT professionals are experts at supporting businesses with their IT. During the initial stages of an enterprise’s growth, the tech start-up’s founder and employees need to focus on company operations, not IT. When managed IT services support a tech start-up, IT becomes the silent cogs that keep your organisation turning. Everyone in the business can focus their attention on growth rather than worrying about IT.

Create Comprehensive IT Infrastructure

Start-up tech businesses need to invest in a wide range of hardware and software, as well as set up a network between devices, which form a company’s IT infrastructure. IT services in London have local professionals on the ground who can create a comprehensive IT infrastructure based around the business’s goals. 

Install Cybersecurity Protections

Every organisation needs cyber security protections, whether they’re a publicly-traded company or a growing start-up. At the initial stages of a company’s life, cyberattacks can derail entire strategies and prevent ideas from getting off the ground. Implementing cybersecurity features reduces the risk of data losses, unplanned downtime, and monetary theft.

Accommodate Growth With The Cloud

IT services in London can help start-ups transition their data onto the cloud. Public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid services all have benefits for tech start-ups. London-based IT engineers can guide start-up founders to the ideal scalable cloud solution that matches the goals of the business.

Develop Long-Term IT Strategy

IT infrastructure should work in the background of a London enterprise, silently supporting the company’s operations. Managed IT services ensure this is always the case, even after a period of rapid growth. Working with dedicated IT engineers ensures an organisation’s IT is scalable long-term to support the continued success of ambitious enterprises.

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