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A day in the life of a FCR engineer

12 August 2022

A typical day for one of our FCR Engineers

What is an IT Service Desk?

We have several teams within Bluecube’s Technical Delivery department.

The First Contact Resolution (FCR) team is the initial help desk team that our clients speak to for remote support. This is known as the IT Service Desk and the team provide remote tech support to clients to resolve any issues. The team is contacted either by phone, Lighthouse (Bluecube’s service desk portal), or email.

We spoke with Jordan from the FCR team to find out what a typical day is like on the 24/7 IT Service Desk.

Walkthrough of our FCR Engineer’s Day

Login, Catch-Up and Update

08:15 – Once I get into the office I log in to all IT systems, have a quick catch up with everyone in the office and make the first cup of tea to start the day off!

08:30 – The 24/7 team handover from the night shift and make us aware of any unresolved IT Service Desk tickets. The pending tickets are distributed out to the FCR engineers.

Taking Calls and Begin Troubleshooting

08:45 - I take my first call – for assistance with accessing the remote desktop, the checks include making sure they’re a member of the correct security groups, making sure their account isn’t locked and then finally resetting the password if needed. If a password reset is needed, there are security checks we follow before doing this. When calls come in, we aim to answer them as soon as possible and triage the ticket within 10 minutes, from the first point of contact, and ultimately find a resolution to make sure our clients can continue their day to day business.

Customer service is so important in this role, we’re the first people to speak with clients and want to avoid IT issues disrupting their day-to-day work as much as possible. We form great relationships with our clients too, on occasion they have come into the office with cakes (which always go down well!) and send thank you cards which shows how important the work we do is.

10:00 - I answer several more tickets including errors connecting to the office printer, Outlook not syncing with mobile, and a user moving back to the office after remote working and having issues getting on to the internet. Each ticket has a score so that the client can review how well we helped resolve the issue, I got 5/5 for all tickets this morning, which is good! 

10:30 - Quick break and time for a chat with a few of the team. There is a great sense of teamwork in FCR so everyone takes their turn to have regular breaks and spread the workload.

Lunch Break

12:00 - More service requests resolved in the morning, time for lunch and a second cup of tea!

In-House Training

13:00 - I have a training session scheduled with Nick who is Bluecube’s in-house trainer. The regular sessions help to improve presence over the phone and handle different situations. We review a few recent calls and Nick recommends where I could have improved, it’s useful and makes sure as a company we all stay on top of our game.

16:00 - I spend the afternoon answering more IT Service Desk tickets. I had one from triage that needed escalating to the 2nd line team as it needed further investigation, that got resolved in 30 minutes and the client was happy.

Check over Tickets and Review Stats

17:00 - Towards the end of the day, the aim is to make sure all the tickets are up to date, review the ticket and call stats to see where we can improve if needed, and hand over to the 24/7 team for their shift. Then it's home time! Every day is so different! Speaking with different people every day, finding resolutions to issues and dealing with unique situations; that’s what makes the job so enjoyable.

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