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Lighthouse has been developed to provide a single-service delivery platform for our clients. Lighthouse provides a full 360-degree view of everything that we do.

What can you do in Lighthouse?

Lighthouse is continually evolving.

Lighthouse is a living product. As Bluecube evolves, so does Lighthouse. We have a dedicated development team whose sole purpose in life is to make Lighthouse better.

We take on board your comments, feedback and incorporate them (well, some of them!) into the system to make managing your IT estate and services as simple as it can be. We use the latest technology and continue to ensure that Lighthouse is the best that it can be for everyone.

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IT service desk

An easy-to-use ticket creation service. Anything you need from us is tracked in Lighthouse.

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User management

Add and remove users from your systems. Access a full audit history of all activity.

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IT estate

View all the servers, PCs and laptops that we support for you.

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Ticket updates

You can update, add extra information to tickets, and include screen shots.

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Access real-time information on the metrics that we use to charge you for our services.

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View on-demand reports for Service Desk activity and Service Level adherence.