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ISO27001: Becoming certified

29 March 2023

Looking to become ISO certified? Bluecube is IS027001 certified too and is qualified to support you - we're an IASME Certified Assessor.

So, how can we help you become ISO27001 certified too?

What is ISO27001?

ISO27001 is an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and it’s the leading international standard for information security. An ISMS is a framework of policies and procedures that structures how an organisation should manage risk associated with information security threats, including policies, staff training and legal, physical and technical security controls involved in an organisation's information risk management process.

ISO27001 helps organisations to protect their information systemically, effectively and efficiently and be able to safeguard their internal and external processes. You will often see ISO27001 being referred to as the ‘information security management standard’. This is because it is globally recognised as the highest achievable information security certification; only the most secure IT providers can achieve it.

What does being ISO27001 certified mean?

At first, glance, seeing this logo or term can be confusing; what does it mean?

BSI ISO27001

Within its documentation, it states that ISO27001 was developed to “provide a model for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving an information security management system”. It enables businesses to manage security assets in form of information, data and intellectual property using guidelines intended to protect them from loss, risks or unauthorised access.

ISO27001 does not tell organisations what to do and does not mandate specific information security controls, rather, it provides a checklist that businesses can follow and align with their risk management processes. To become certified, you need to be able to prove and maintain the implementation of certain controls and the overall ISMS; this is one of the most troubling parts for many businesses. It can become a full-time job depending on company size, as there are many elements of cyber security which need monitoring and the central collection of policies can be hard to maintain.

Bluecube is qualified to assist with ISMS creation, and adherence, and we provide consultancy to aid you in completing your ISO27001 assessments; talk to us today

The key benefits of the ISO27001 certification?                                                        

Credibility and trust  

With an ISO27001 accreditation, you can have increased trust with clients, partners, and employees, as you can demonstrate your organisation, is always adhering to established security procedures.  Not only is this beneficial as you can ensure both your services and relationships are secure, but you can display confidence that you understand the challenges and can deliver catered solutions securely. 

Control of IT risk

The controls that ISO27001 sets out, ensure that data will receive higher levels of protection. Information security is embedded into an organisation's culture meaning it is always at the forefront of what you do. By identifying vulnerability points, analysing data, and prioritising information risk, our teams have established IT risk management processes to monitor your risk constantly.

Structured compliance

Bluecube understands information security is about people and their behaviour, not just technology. Therefore, structured methods are used throughout all operations to address security compliance requirements.

Quality assurance

The ISO27001 certification guarantees a high standard of information security quality is being delivered by the organisation. You will be subjected to frequent checks and implement rigid security procedures and this isn't a bad thing. These ensure exceptional levels of quality are maintained all the time. Even the way you behave at work will become aligned with security because ISO27001 requires compliance across the board.

Many things you do day-to-day may transform to comply with ISO27001, or you may be doing it already; we have listed some things we do in the office to help ensure proper compliance below. They aim to reduce the risk of human errors that may lead to a breach. This way, there is assurance in all elements of the business, that risk is minimised, security is prioritised and being able to demonstrate this is advantageous.

Enhanced market position

ISO27001 compliance helps differentiate your organisation from others because it demonstrates expertise and good practice regarding security. Having ISO27001 will allow you to work with incredible clients and also employ amazing people who all value the importance of security.

Reduces risk and disruption

It is integral to recognise that when systems or infrastructures stop working or go down, this can completely halt operations. Having systems in place to detect and respond to any vulnerabilities to ensure the continuance of infrastructure is essential, and having a well-developed Information Security Management System will ensure they are. 

How can Bluecube help you become ISO27001 certified?

Bluecube is ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified, meaning we too have undergone the assessment process and understand all the preparation it takes. We are qualified to assist businesses by providing consultancy so that we can help your organisation with the entire process. We also can offer advice and guidance regarding your current cyber security policies and frameworks so we can work with you to build a secure and solid ISMS. 

As an IASME Certified Assessor, we help businesses with: scope, review of controls, gap analysis and remediation and accreditation for Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus, ISO27001 and more.

An important part of ISO27001 is being able to demonstrate its integration within the whole organisation. So, here are some key tips, that we also use, which you start integrating into your business, to begin your journey to becoming certified:

Lock your screens when away from desks.
Always use fobs when moving around your building.
Follow a 'clear desk' policy.
Report any suspicious or suspicious security issues or non-compliance to management and/or security operations.
Use encrypted and password-protected software and devices and implement MFA.
Do not open external documents and links until they are checked by qualified persons.
Use internally built software to engage securely with clients and each other
Only have access to authorised accounts and passwords

By doing this, you will be actively complying with ISO27001 standards every day; many of these can be easily implemented in your workplace. 

Contact us - We value cyber security as a top priority

At Bluecube, we keep security at the heart of what we do, meaning it is integrated in all our operations and therefore, what we offer to others. Our top priority is keeping our users and clients secure 24/7 with our first class cyber-security services.