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Offering dedicated IT support to London's legal hub

09 August 2023

Bluecube at Holborn Gate

In the ever-evolving landscape of IT and cyber security, having a reliable Managed Service Provider (MSP) has become essential for businesses to thrive without worrying about technical glitches, security risks and downtime. We are pleased to announce we have taken a significant step by establishing a strategic office in the legal epicentre of London, at Holborn Gate. This move not only solidifies Bluecube's commitment to excellence but also brings tailor-made IT support for the legal sector to the doorstep of the legal community.

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109 1st Floor
330 Holborn Gate
325-332 High Holborn

Bluecube in London
A prime location for exceptional legal IT support

Holborn Gate, situated at the heart of the Inns of Court, is a well-known hub for legal professionals and chambers. The choice to establish an office here was a well-considered move, aimed at seamlessly catering to the unique IT needs of the legal sector. With an array of law firms, solicitors, and barristers' chambers within walking distance, Bluecube's new office is strategically positioned to provide swift and efficient IT support.

Local presence, global expertise

Our decision to set up shop in Holborn Gate isn't just about location; it's about proximity to our clients. By having a local office manned by highly skilled IT support engineers, Bluecube can offer on-site assistance promptly whenever needed. This localised approach is further complemented by our global expertise in IT and cyber security, making us a trusted partner that understands the legal sector's nuances while delivering industry-leading solutions.

Tailored solutions for Chambers clients

One of the most exciting aspects of Bluecube's new office in Holborn Gate is its exclusive focus on serving Chambers clients. Legal chambers often deal with sensitive information and complex case-related data. Hence, having reliable and secure IT systems is paramount. Bluecube's team of dedicated engineers understands the intricacies of the legal profession and can offer tailored IT solutions that align with the specific needs and challenges faced by barristers' chambers.

The convenience of remote support

We recognise that not all IT issues require an on-site presence. With their new Holborn Gate office, they extend their exceptional IT support services to Chambers clients remotely as well. From troubleshooting technical glitches to ensuring robust cyber security measures, Bluecube's experts are just a call away, ensuring uninterrupted operations for their clients. As well as this local presence, we have dedicated support desks and engineers situated in our Milton Keynes office also, allowing our clients to always have someone there when they need us.

Empowering legal professionals

By opening an office in the heart of London's legal hub, Bluecube is not just providing IT support; they're empowering legal professionals to focus on what they do best – delivering justice. With the peace of mind that their IT systems are in capable hands, legal practitioners can devote their energy to advocating for their clients, knowing that their digital infrastructure is secure and well-maintained.

Bluecube's move to Holborn Gate marks a significant milestone for Bluecube’s presence in the IT and cyber security landscape of London's legal sector. Our dedication to local support, global expertise, and tailor-made solutions positions us as a trusted partner for barristers' chambers in the Inns of Court area. As the legal community continues to rely on advanced technology, Bluecube stands ready to safeguard its digital assets and allow our legal clients to focus on legal matters seamlessly.