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What are the benefits of outsourced IT support in London?

13 August 2022

Outsourced IT support in London makes your life easier. IT can unlock the full potential of your business, however, it can also become an unnecessary distraction; internal meetings shouldn’t be dominated by discussions on your IT infrastructure causing downtime or impacting productivity. IT outsourcing in London transforms your organisation's IT into a silent partner that works in the background of your operations to improve productivity and efficiency, increase cyber security, and deliver a high ROI.

From SMEs to global corporations, all organisations benefit from. Instead of worrying, outsourcing allows your entire team to focus on actions that drive growth and success. For London businesses, working with a London-based IT company has many benefits, keep reading to find out how you can increase profits and make IT simple again.


The Biggest Benefits of Local London IT Companies

Having boots on the ground in London ensures on-site IT support is available fast. Rapid response times prevent issues escalating to decrease the risk of your organisation incurring data losses, experiencing downtime, and suffering monetary losses. Outsourced IT support in London gives you access to specialist local IT experts who understand what your organisation needs to be successful and achieve growth when operating in the capital.

London is an international city. If your operations are international, you will be used to working with partners, customers, and clients in different time zones across the globe. While this can be efficient, working with an IT company in the same time zone is essential for fast support. IT outsourcing in London gives you peace of mind that when you need support, IT engineers can respond immediately.

In a hustling and bustling city like London, growing a successful business takes dedication and skill. Working with a London-based IT provider ensures you have support from specialists who are not only experts on the local market but the city itself too. This gives your organisation valuable insights into the latest industry knowledge from the wider world of IT and the London sphere.

Less Internal Costs = Higher ROI

Outsourced IT support in London is less expensive than maintaining an in-house team. Setting up an internal team incurs many costs. To source the brightest talent requires investment in an extensive recruitment process – potentially taking months to complete. Then once you have found the right staff, you will then need to invest in expensive specialist hardware and software. All these costs can be avoided by outsourcing your IT support.

There are also many costs related to in-house IT teams beyond employee salaries. Sick pay, benefits, and any cover required can see expenses potentially skyrocket, especially if you experience a period of rapid growth. Outsourcing IT support in London lets your business unlock its potential while reducing internal costs, so you can achieve your goals, increase operational efficiency, and secure a higher ROI.

Increased Cyber Security

Cyberattacks can strike at any time of the day or night. Cybercriminals know that attacks, whether in the form of malware or viruses, are most effective when the target has their guard down. Fortunately, outsourced IT support ensures your business’s IT infrastructure is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. External IT specialists can spot any issues before they have the chance to escalate, minimising the risk of any downtime or data or monetary losses to your business.

However, cyber security isn’t only about monitoring your IT infrastructure and reacting to potential threats. The best IT security is proactive; it spots weaknesses in your cyber security protections before hackers and cybercriminals do. Working with outsourced IT support also helps your business keep up with the rapidly and constantly evolving cyber security technology. With IT engineers responsible for safeguarding your business’s online presence, you ensure your IT infrastructure is always up to date and never left behind.

An IT company can also create a long-term cyber security strategy for your organisation. This ensures that whether you experience rapid growth or transition to The Cloud, you can have peace of mind that your company is secure. 

Scalable Long-Term

IT support should work silently in the background of your operations. As your organisation experiences growth, you shouldn’t have to worry about your IT infrastructure, it should be scalable to support your operations. Whether you need to upscale or downscale your IT operations, an IT company can transform the infrastructure to match your business’s requirements.

Having a scalable long-term IT strategy ensures you don’t have to worry about your IT. Whatever changes occur, whether you experience a period of rapid growth or transition to cloud computing, IT shouldn’t be a priority in internal meetings. Outsourced IT support in London gives you peace of mind that your IT infrastructure is under control allowing you to focus on your organisation’s growth and success.

Improve Efficiency & Productivity

When your staff is interrupted by IT issues regularly they can’t focus on the most critical aspects of their roles. Your teams shouldn’t be concentrating on your IT problems, your IT infrastructure should offer invisible support to improve efficiency and productivity. Unplanned downtime has a knock-on effect long-term, so avoid these issues with IT outsourcing in London.

Outsourced IT support in London provides remote support to organisations whenever it’s needed. This keeps your team online and focused on the actions that will help propel your organisation forward by ensuring that your IT infrastructure, systems, and equipment are running smoothly.

Bluecube IT Support London

At Bluecube, our goal is for every client to not need to worry about IT. Through specialist outsourced IT support in London from our team we give your business the solid foundations needed to grow and succeed. IT should be straightforward. By removing the complications from your IT infrastructure we enable you to improve efficiency, achieve long-term scalable growth, and alleviate your technological pain points so you can focus on your operations.

Unlock the potential of your organisation through dedicated IT support today, call us on 0845 257 8010 or visit our contact page to enquire further.