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Behind the scenes: The story of our rebrand

26 August 2022

Within seconds, we can look at a business’s logo or overall branding and form an opinion. When that initial opinion, based on visuals alone, doesn’t match the service actually delivered or the company itself, it’s time for a rebrand. And that’s exactly what we did here at Bluecube.

Amongst a sea of sameness within the IT industry, we have decided to break the mould.

A week has passed since our official rebrand launch on the 17th August 2022, and we wanted to share the story behind our rebrand with you.

More than just a logo change

Branding is more than just a logo. Yes, that’s one of the first visuals you see, but there are so many other aspects that lie below the surface.

With distinct branding, you can encapsulate your business’s ethos, purpose and values. A brand creates behavioural change, and a distinct tone of voice that reflects personality, giving customers a consistent experience at every touchpoint.

Why did we choose to rebrand?

Very simply, we are evolving as an organisation.

We are now in our twentieth year of operation, and we have experienced significant growth in the past five years. In the last three years, we have achieved 45% year-on-year growth, which has presented a variety of opportunities for everyone at Bluecube to develop and grow. We currently have over 150 staff, growing to 200 with new, staffed office in London, Boston, Seattle and Dublin.

That’s why we need to ensure that our brand reflects and captures ‘the essence of Bluecube’. Encompassing the way we operate, our attitude to customer service, and our ethos of ‘making people’s lives easier’. Our new branding communicates the way we perceive ourselves, and how our clients perceive us too.

Prior to our recent business growth, it was easy to communicate our brand values and the way we operate to a small team of between 30 to 40 people in a single room. But when this number is nearing 200 and spread across multiple offices working in different time zones, this becomes slightly more challenging, and adaptions need to be made.

Our recent growth solidified our decision to rebrand so that we could ensure our brand helps support our future success and build deeper foundations for growth.

In a crowded MSP marketplace, we needed to stand out, bottle up the Bluecube ethos and use it to define our actions in the future. Ensuring that everyone who encounters Bluecube gets a consistently brilliant experience. Our new branding fits us today and for the next five years; it’s now something that truly reflects our size, team and offering.

Interested in learning more about Bluecube, read about the history of Bluecube and our inspirational origin story that has ebbed and flowed through technological advancements and a changing landscape.


Take a look at our internal launch day on the 28th July 2022 at our Milton Keynes office…


red velvet and vanilla flavoured cupcakes with blue frosting and the new bluecube logo
new office logo signage on the wall in the MK office
new branding feature wall in the MK office
Now Now Chow street food truck outside the Bluecube office serving delicious South African food
South African food for lunch from Now Now Chow food van
new bluecube logo and now now chow food van south african food for lunch
internal launch rebranding presentation with Cygnus and Bluecube's Marketing Director
Bluecube staff listening the new rebrand launch presentation

How did we get here?

Working with Milton Keynes based creative agency, Cygnus

Back in March 2022, after a lengthy and considered process, we chose to work with local company and Creative Design & Digital Agency, Cygnus. Soon after, we kickstarted our rebrand project and were invited to a brand workshop to begin the process.

Brand workshop

The brand workshop started with Cygnus, and key stakeholders at Bluecube, participating in a series of exercises to dive deeper into the foundations of Bluecube and the business’s ambitions. No visuals were put to paper, just an open discussion to help generate ideas and direction.

The workshop covered Bluecube’s core business drivers, brands that inspire the stakeholders, where Bluecube are now and where we want to be, our target audience, what we need to say, brand descriptors, why our customers choose us, the industry landscape, and key competitors. Cygnus really took the time to learn and research our existing brand, uncovering how Bluecube lives and breathes.

Insights and research

Prior to the workshop, the agency conducted a series of client and employee interviews that helped highlight the current image and were used to create the brand strategy.

During the research stage, customer, supplier and employee interviews were conducted. These analysed customer (and employee) needs, wants and perceptions of Bluecube, to help gain an understanding of each party’s current view. The key finding in this stage was a clear split between what people value: one side very much driven by the way Bluecube communicates things in a simple, very human way and also around our agility, reactiveness and responsiveness.

Using the workshop outcomes and other insights and research gathered, Cygnus then embarked on rebrand development. This included reviewing our previous brand values, mission and vision, positioning in the market, brand story, tone of voice, logo and more.


When undergoing a rebrand, it’s important to analyse the competition and establish brand positioning. We balance ourselves between two industry leaders: one who makes complexity, look simple and one that takes a personable, responsive and agile approach to their services.

This brand positioning puts Bluecube in a strong position now and continuing into the future. Our brand position needs to go beyond tech, and built around the unique customer experiences we create.

Building a new brand and website

After several months of development, visuals and messaging were proposed, revised, and finalised.

We’re so pleased that our new brand has finally been launched for the world to see. Keep scrolling to view our brand story video, vision, mission, and values.

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Introducing our fresh look: keeping your world moving


Our new vision, mission, and values


To be the most customer-centric technology provider


Our mission is simple. To make people’s lives easier, more connected, organised, and secure


1) Make it happen, 2) Be human, 3) Love what you do, 4) Never stand still, 5) Own it