It is almost impossible to operate as a business while dealing with IT issues. This could be old IT systems or a lack of IT security. At Bluecube, we offer fully managed IT Support that allows you to stop worrying about your IT and focus on different areas of your company. This will allow you to grow quickly and increase your profits. Bluecube’s tech support can help transform your business processes and improve your day to day procedures.


Cambridge is a vibrant and innovative part of the UK. Known for the world-famous University of Cambridge that dates back to 1209. It features colleges such as Kings and Trinity, which was founded by King Henry VIII. Cambridge is a place where exciting new businesses are consistently being created.

Bluecube Remote IT Support - What Do IT Service Providers Offer?

As a company, we are a Tier 1 Microsoft Partner and Cloud Service provider. As well as ISO27001 certified. This means we can provide you with cost-saving subscriptions and cloud management solutions bespoke for you. But what makes our IT service stand out is three factors:

24/7 IT Support

We provide round-the-clock tech support in Cambridge. So, you can always reach us to ask any IT questions and we can provide expert solutions. This is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Whether it’s in person, by telephone, or through our exclusive service portal Lighthouse. We want to provide IT Support day and night because IT doesn’t sleep.

  • 24/7 remote monitoring of clients’ IT infrastructure
  • Service desk always available to answer questions and resolve IT issues
  • Technical on-site and remote IT support
  • Field Engineering

Managed IT Services

No two businesses are the same. Neither is any business’s IT infrastructure. This is why we provide bespoke IT Support that we base on how your company works and what is important to your brand. We focus on providing the support that revolves around your business’s requirements. This is how we offer a more comprehensive IT service than anyone else in the industry. We can prove this as our performance metrics show we’re in the top 5% of UK Managed Service Providers.

  • User Account Management
  • Network Operations Centre (NOC)
  • Security Operations Centre (SOC)
  • Cloud provision and management

Security Management

At Bluecube, we provide security for everything in your business, not only your IT. This is why as part of our service we include your own client engagement manager. They’re someone who you can discuss your security needs with. This way we can provide bespoke IT security management that is the right fit for your company.

  • Backup
  • Patching
  • Anti-Virus
  • Disaster Recovery

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Finding the right IT Support in Cambridge can be difficult. That’s why we offer a personal service for each of our clients. So, you get remote IT Support that is perfect for you. If this sounds like something you can’t afford to miss out on, fill in the form below and one of our friendly team will be in touch!

Managed IT Support in Cambridge

More and more businesses in Cambridge are turning towards expert IT services. Fully Managed IT Support in Cambridge ensures companies have the best opportunity to grow and thrive. When your team has the support of specialist IT technicians, they can focus on their roles and increase your profits.

As well as its prestigious university, Cambridge is also a home for exciting businesses. From industry start-ups to established companies. This includes tech companies and science research foundations. There is a wide variety of industries trading across Cambridge. No matter if it's a local business or a large multinational company, they will benefit from specialist managed IT Support in Cambridge.

With Bluecube’s dedicated IT support can optimise how you operate as a business. Our expert staff can help you manage the latest technology systems. But how can we help you rejuvenate your business?


IT Support Cambridge

IT Services for Businesses in Cambridge

Our specialist team of friendly IT experts will enhance how your business is able to function. Making the day to day routine of your staff more efficient and productive. As part of our service, we provide you with a personal IT Director. They will offer expert strategic guidance and be on hand to discuss any aspects of your IT infrastructure.

Cloud Services in Cambridge

Supporting your data using Cloud Services is vital. With the help of an expert cloud service provider in Cambridge, you can access the transformative benefits of cloud storage. Bluecube can help connect your staff wherever they are in the world. This will increase how productive and efficient collaboration between your team of staff is. Our cloud services in Cambridge protect your data and ensure continuity across every aspect of your business.

IT Security in Cambridge

Analyse how much of your business is online. You rely on your data storage and the cybersecurity of your IT systems. If you had a warehouse full of essential goods you would hire security. This should be the same for your company’s online presence. Use our expert cybersecurity services to safeguard your business. We can provide a variety of cybersecurity strategies and protect your business from growing online threats.

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Managed IT Services in Cambridge


A managed IT service provider will remotely manage a company’s IT infrastructure and end-user systems. At Bluecube, we do this with proactive support services to discover any potential issues before they damage your business. As an IT service provider in Cambridge, we work on a subscription model that provides bespoke services.

Managed IT services can transform a business. They support growth and can install a dedicated IT infrastructure. It’s cost-effective as you don’t need to invest in new equipment or increase staff numbers. Using a service provider gives you a foundation to continue building on, while also preventing any downtime from IT problems.


Cloud Services Cambridge

Cloud services allow you to connect your team, wherever they are. Having cloud services in Cambridge provide an easy way to access your business’s applications, data and resources. You don’t need to invest in in-house hardware and equipment, the cloud provides a cost-effective solution. Businesses will use cloud services every day. Whether they’re checking emails or collaborating on documents, utilising the cloud is essential for business growth.

At Bluecube, as a cloud service provider in Cambridge, we can migrate all your services and data to the cloud. Our team are experts at developing an effective cloud management strategy. This allows us to migrate and manage all your data in a highly beneficial way for your business.

Our cloud services in Cambridge work on an affordable subscription basis that includes industry-leading cloud security. This includes 24/7 monitoring every day of the year. We also include multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure your data is secure. MFA requires a minimum of two pieces of evidence, such as passwords, to prove someone can access your data.

IT Security Cambridge

Effective IT security is about finding the right cybersecurity strategy for your business. The right network security will differ from business to business, but it should always protect your data. This means restricting unauthorised access to your company’s applications and cloud storage.

Our team ensures your business is protected by monitoring your IT infrastructure 24/7. This gives us the ability to spot issues before they affect your business. At Bluecube, we believe the best cybersecurity is proactive and seeks out areas that need improvement. From upgrading anti-virus software to implementing different processes for staff, we aim to keep your business’s IT infrastructure protected.

Another way to ensure your business is 100% protected, we offer cloud backup and disaster recovery. This involves planning for a significant event that could dramatically affect your business. The aim of back up and disaster recovery strategies is to enable your company to continue operating with minimal disruption. Sometimes this isn’t always possible. But if you implement the right recovery plans, you can resume essential work quickly without the loss of crucial data.

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