Main Challenge

The Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) needed a reliable ICT system to support the charity’s day to day operations and the needs of remote workers, as it relies heavily on the use of email, intranet and internet sites.

With ICT high up on their ‘risk register’, and serious interruptions to service affecting key operations, the national charity needed specialist IT support to replace failing infrastructure and transform their support operations.

"ICT is not the burning issue keeping people awake at night that it once was."

image taken at the Workers' Educational Association

Our Solution

Bluecube was brought in to quickly replace servers that were coming to the end of their operational life. This provided an opportunity to evaluate the location of the charity’s core infrastructure, which was moved to a new data centre in Milton Keynes.

Following the successful relocation of its core infrastructure the WEA decided to look at outsourcing their IT support requirements, as they felt they didn’t have the required IT skills in-house to support the organisation.

Today, Bluecube host and maintain all the WEA’s servers, providing the ICT infrastructure for the WEA’s offices across the country, supporting users in those offices, providing a secure data back-up service and looking after the email system.

"Bluecube’s advice has been very valuable."

David Morris

ICT Manager

Bluecube team helping the Workers Education Association