How IT Strategies Can help Your Company Culture

Improving the office culture will result in creating a working environment where employees are productive, proactive and always wanting to support their colleagues.

In this article, we’ll be going through different ways to bring your company together and what benefits your company could possibly see.

First, let’s look at what we mean by culture.

Why is culture so important?

Office culture isn’t all about making the workplace a “fun” place to work. It’s much more than relaxation areas, stand-up meetings or free tea & coffee.


Culture is embedded in every inch of your company, affecting everything from how you manage workloads to how you share ideas.


It’s the way how the whole company communicates together no matter what their titles are.

It’s also about making sure all members of staff think the best about your company which will naturally bring positive energies to the workplace.

How IT and technology impact on culture?

As we’ve seen, culture impacts every aspect of your business – as does your IT strategy. So, it makes sense to ensure that the vision for your office culture and your IT strategy are aligned.

Here are some services we recommend which will help improve your workplace culture:

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams makes it easier for your employees to collaborate, creating transparency and growth within your organisation.


Microsoft says employees are typically now part of twice as many teams as they were five years ago. For teams to work effectively it’s essential that they have:

  • Defined roles and responsibilities
  • Clear task allocation
  • Explicit deadlines
  • Easy access to the right files and information
  • Effective communication methods

More and more companies are evolving by moving over to Microsoft Teams which provides them with a collaborative online work space to bring teams together, this platform also allows mobile devices to access via an application which is ideal for employees who aren’t office based to stay connect with the your companies community. With this single platform for documents, meetings and areas to communicate with each other. everything is easily accessible, secure and simple to use.


Of course, introducing any new platform into your organisation can require a period of learning as your people get used to a new system. But Microsoft Teams is incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use so your teams can hit the ground running and enjoy using the platform quickly.


At Bluecube, we help our clients embed Microsoft Teams into their business, giving them all the help and support they need to make the platform work effectively for them. If you’d like to find out more, click here to learn more about our services in infrastructure & networking.

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