Supporting information

Service descriptions

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These Service Descriptions are the supporting information to contractual agreements. They are grouped into four sections: Support, Security, Infrastructure and Logistics.

Each Service Description provides further details of Bluecube's standard service offerings. Not every client of Bluecube will receive every service detailed within this document; specific details of which services are being delivered to a client can be found within the agreed contract.

These service descriptions (‘Service Description’) are entered into by the client (‘Client’) and Bluecube Technology Solutions (‘Supplier’) as Identified within the Client contract. By purchasing these Services, the Client agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions associated with that service in addition to the contract Terms.

Bluecube also offer bespoke and discrete services that are not detailed within this document.

These service description Terms and conditions, where at conflict, are superseded by any specific contractual agreement Terms.

Each Service Description contains a link to Bluecube’s internal processes that relate to the delivery of each service. These links are for internal Bluecube reference only and will not work for Clients or any other external parties (as such the links will not work. This is by design).