These Service Descriptions are supporting information to contractual agreements. Each Service Description provides further details of Bluecube's core service offerings.

These service descriptions (“Service Description”) are entered by the Client(“Client”) and Bluecube Technology Solutions (“Bluecube”) as identified and directed within the main contract that exists between the Client and Bluecube.

By purchasing these Services, the Client agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions associated with that service in addition to the contractual terms. Bluecube also offers bespoke and discrete services that are not detailed within this document.

In the event of any conflict between the terms and conditions contained within this document and any specific stated terms in the main service contract; the terms in the main service contract take precedence.


  1. IT Support and Service Desk
  2. Managed Backup
  3. Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity
  4. Proactive Monitoring
  5. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  6. Managed Anti-Virus
  7. Patch Management
  8. Web Security
  9. Internet Connectivity
  10. Office 365
  11. Software Rental
  12. Managed Web Filtering

1. IT Support & Service Desk


Our Service Desk service involves the logging, assessment and prioritisation of incoming tickets with process driven resolution of tickets where appropriate. Tickets that cannot be resolved using the defined processes will be escalated to our IT Support teams (this will typically be internal Bluecube teams, however it can also be to client’s internal teams or to external third parties).



Support Procedures

An in-house developed system (Lighthouse) is used to manage all interactions of a technical nature with our clients and their users (typically requests for assistance or support). Each item that we work on is referred to as a ticket. There are three ways in which a client can log a ticket on the Bluecube Service Desk;

  • By sending an email to
  • By calling 0845 257 8020(or the client specified service desk number)
  • Through the on-line portal at

Each ticket will be allocated as a particular type: Incident, Request or Change, and the type of
the ticket, linked with the impact, will define the Service Levels to which the ticket will be prioritised (please see SLA details below).

If the Service Desk are unable to resolve the ticket then it will be escalated to third line and/or Problem engineers toresolve. Our engineers may initiate Remote Support for servers without any input required from the client. This type of access is typically instigated for major issues or for system maintenance tasks.When delivering support to individuals, remote support will typically be instigated via a phone call. In the event that the engineer is unable to talk the user through to resolution, a remote control session will be established to the user’s device, this will typically be instigated through Lighthouse.All remote control sessions are made via secure connections (using SSL data encryption). During a remote control session, the end user (client) has complete control over the session and can terminate the remote session at any time.

All remote support sessions are recorded with detailed logs of session activity. In addition to this, all phone calls in and out of Bluecube are also recorded which combine with the remote control audit logs and Lighthouse to provide a full audit trail of all activity with our clients.

Qualified full-time second and third line engineers deliver Field Engineering, sometimes referred to as on-site support. Bluecube will dispatch an engineer on-site when a ticket (irrespective of its priority) cannot be resolved remotely in a timely or effective manner. The decision to dispatch an engineer resides with Bluecube.

A client may make a Request for an IMAC (Installation, Move, Addition, Change) via the Service Desk. The very nature of these requests will require an engineer to attend site. Bluecube will schedule an engineer to attend the site to complete any such request at the soonest possible time; this will be agreed with the client on a case-by-case basis and may be subject to additional charges.For clients with overseas offices that require on-site support, this will be delivered, by arrangement, from our UK offices or through an approved Bluecube partner who is local to the Client office.

Service Hours

24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Although it should be noted outside of key operational hours (Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 17:30) 3rdline engineers are operating on an on call basis only. Escalation to a 3rdline engineer can be instigated by the Service Desk for high priority issues.

Billing Approach

This service is billed based on the number of users in your organisation.

Every user within your organisation will need a Lighthouse Account as only users with a Lighthouse account can receive support and services from Bluecube. Users can be easily added and removed by using the user management tools within Lighthouse.

When a user is added in Lighthouse a ticket is automatically generated for Bluecube engineers to create their user account within your organisations IT systems, likewise when a user is removed a request will be automatically generated to remove the user from your systems. The Lighthouse portal is the only way that users can be added and removed from your systems; this process is designed to ensure that Lighthouse is a true reflection of your organisations users.Each new user will also receive a welcome call to talk them through our service, ensure that they have access to Lighthouse and that their IT is working for them from the outset.

Lighthouse allows you to see all users that exist within your organisation at any one time. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Lighthouse is correct at all times. Please note that it is possible to have multiple user types, which will potentially attract different charges and varying services. Once the monthly billing has been processed on the 1st of each month then no corrections, or credits, will be made after the invoice has been issued.

Service Levels

The service levels to which we work are detailed below;

Although the Service Desk operates 24x7x365 we measure our Service levels within our key operational hours which are Monday to Friday 08:30 to 17:30, excluding public holidays.


An Incident is recorded when something is not working as it should be, for example a PC, laptop, printer, software,etc. is broken. There are differing priorities that can be assigned to an Incident, each with varying response and target resolution times. We assign a priority based on how many people the Incident is affecting and the impact of the issue.

Priority Response Time Target Resolution
1 -Major 15 minutes 2 hours
2 - High 30 minutes 4 hours
3 - Medium 45 minutes 12 hours
4 - Low 60 minutes 24 hours
5 - As time permits 120 minutes 64 hours


Managed Backup


Managed Backup is the secure off-site backup of data to our backup facility.

The Data is stored in encrypted format (at a minimum of 128 bitAES encryption) with an encryption key that is known only on the device from which the backup originated. The encrypted data is transmitted via an SSL based secure connection between the device and the Bluecube backup server.

The service is built on a modular basis so that storage capacity can be added without hindering the availability of the backup service. The backup servers are resilient, and all of the data is stored on RAID connectivity.



Service Procedures

By default, Bluecube will backup every known server in its entirety (this includes the System Drive, System State and Data Drives). This approach allows the restoration of individual files and folders as well as a full Server restore. Our standard data retention period is 90 days. We can alter the backup selections and change retention periods on request.

In the event that a backup does not complete two successful Sequential backups then a ticket will automatically be logged in Lighthouse to the Bluecube Service Desk for resolution of the issue. Our Network Operations Centre also monitors our backup platform and individual client backups on a daily basis (Monday to Friday) and will engage in the resolution of any issues.

Service Hours

Managed Backup is an ‘always on’ service. This means that the solution is designed to be available and operational at all times; allowing backups to be run at any time.

Billing Approach

The Managed Backup Service is charged on a per Gigabyte (GB) basis, based on the amount of data that is selected for backup.

An audit of the selected backup data is conducted every day and is viewable from within Lighthouse. On the 1st of each month, this figure will be used to calculate the monthly charges.

Our pricing for our Data Backup Service is reviewed annually on 1st January. Any proposed changes to our pricing structure will be communicated to clients well ahead of any changes to the fee structure.