At Bluecube, we have a mission to be the leading provider of outsourced IT services. This is why we’ve expanded our presence internationally across the USA, EU, and the UK. Our team of IT engineers has feet on the ground to deliver expert IT support as well as the ability to source valuable hardware.

To provide cost-effective, professional, and innovative IT services Bluecube ensures outstanding customer service at all times. Operating internationally allows our team to deliver for all our clients across the globe. The strategically located businesses we own improves our local procurement of hardware and services.

We have been able to expand our team to over 110 IT professionals, more than 110 clients internationally, and add the ability to offer IT support 24/7 every day of the year. The offices we’ve opened in the UK, Europe, and North America give our IT engineers hands-on experience avoiding customs delays and charges.

Bluecube International IT Service Provider

United Kingdom

Bluecube Technology Solutions (Global HQ)

3rd Floor, Norfolk House, 106 Saxon Gate West, Milton Keynes, MK9 2DN

Satellite offices; London, Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham, Leeds.



Bluecube Technology Solutions LLC

Suite 100, 75 State St Boston, MA 02109 United States

Satellite offices; Chicago and New York

Bluecube Technology Solutions 

27 Avenue du Savoy

74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Bluecube’s Global IT Services

Throughout our journey in the managed IT services industry, we have aimed to deliver the best results for our clients. Our IT engineers and your company's success means your business’s productivity increases, IT infrastructure improves, and the risk of unplanned downtime is significantly reduced. Because of our consistently excellent results, we have been able to grow as a company and expand our international capabilities.

Increasing our global reach isn’t only about broadening the market we offer to. The aim was also to improve the existing IT services we deliver. Having IT engineers on the ground in key locations across the world gives us access to better hardware, improves our procurement processes, and reduces delays and charges from customs.

Technology services deliver

We Are Innovative

We look at where you are, where you’d like to be, and then make recommendations, and plan for the future. We invest time and energy in thinking about your strategy and how we can help you innovate.

With every client we work with, wherever you are in the world, your business has its own client engagement manager. This is an IT expert with extensive experience in delivering valuable managed IT services. They assess your business’s objectives, plan how to sustain your current successes, and implement a strategy to help your company achieve its goals.

We are always here for you

Support Is Always Available

Our offices across the globe allow our team to provide the same industry-leading support internationally – not only for clients close to our headquarters. Your company will have dedicated IT engineers on the ground available 24/7. This not only provides you with IT support whenever your company needs it but gives our team knowledge and experience of your country and market.

We help you innovate

Improve Your IT Infrastructure

Many businesses rely on a secure and reliable IT infrastructure to complete its day to day operations. However, for companies that use aging hardware and outdated software, its IT infrastructure could be constraining its success. At Bluecube, as part of our managed IT services we design and build a bespoke IT infrastructure tailored to your business.

Our team uses a combination of approaches such as Azure, private and public clouds, and local servers. Once we have installed an IT infrastructure designed for your business, we monitor, maintain, and manage the systems to ensure your network is secure and upgraded regularly. Expanding our international operations has made the procurement of the right equipment simpler and given us more scope to improve our global client’s IT infrastructures.

We keep you safe

Our Partners

Our Partners