If you have a device with an asset tag with this URL bluecube.tech/asset then you have a Bluecube Managed Asset.  This doesn’t mean that we own it, but we do manage it. 

If you have found a lost device please let us know and we can return it to its rightful owner.

What is Asset Management?

IT asset management refers to the process of overseeing an organisation’s assets. This involves ensuring its hardware, software, and valuable information is managed effectively. With the right asset management company, they will maintain, upgrade, and dispose of old equipment.

Identifying how to do this cost-effectively with a bespoke strategy delivers profitable results. Increase the value of your portfolio with Bluecube’s smart, data-driven asset management services. With all our asset services we aim to produce professional and commercial results for all our clients.

Asset management is only profitable and successful with an effective strategy. Our team creates an innovative strategy for all our client’s portfolios to provide unique IT hardware and software opportunities. Ensuring your organisation has the right assets allows your business to optimise its IT infrastructure to improve productivity, deliverables, and ease of use. 

Since Bluecube’s formation in 2003, our entrepreneurial Chief Executive has driven growth consistently every year. Our team of over 80 professionals aims to deliver the same results for our clients.

How Our Asset Management Works

Our asset management services are based on strategic long-term planning. Every machine we acquire to provide for our clients is stamped with an individual barcode. This allows our team to monitor, maintain, and look at upgrades for your business’s IT infrastructure. As a safety net, the barcode features a phone number to call if the equipment is found.

To ensure you get the best results we provide a client engagement manager to every business we work with. They are experts in IT services, portfolio management, and developing IT opportunities into measurable and profitable results. Managing our client’s portfolios is a responsibility we take seriously, which is why we assess your business’s objectives.

Every company has different aims and goals, how assets are managed to benefit a business will vary between organisations. Your client engagement manager analyses your assets, objectives, and long-term goals. Once they have a clear picture, using their expertise alongside the other client engagement managers, they will create a bespoke asset management strategy.

Support Innovation

Asset management refers to how a 3rd party company manages the IT systems and software of a business. At Bluecube, we aim to offer more than this with our services. The objective of your company’s client engagement manager is to innovate your entire portfolio.

Innovating your IT infrastructure is essential to not only upgrade your mission-critical IT systems but to maintain existing hardware and software. The aim of asset management should be to improve your business’s day-to-day operations. Using their insight, expertise, and years of experience in the IT industry our team can innovate your assets.

Technology services deliver

Protect Your IT Assets

IT asset management needs to focus on the future of your business’s IT infrastructure. A tailored strategy ensures your business can upgrade and maintain its IT assets long-term. IT hardware and software is continuously evolving, as well as your business objectives and goals, that’s why our team at Bluecube’s asset management services always plan for the future.

Previously, many organisations controlled their assets in-house. However, to keep up with the latest technology trends, outsourcing the management of your business’s IT assets is an effective long-term strategy. Managing subscription-based software and upgrading IT systems present new challenges. Investing in the services of an asset management company is a flexible solution that gives your business more control over its IT assets.

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24/7 IT Support

Whatever your industry your business operates in, your IT infrastructure needs constant monitoring. This is why our dedicated team of engineers is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Every item we procure is printed with a barcode and is properly managed by our team at Bluecube whenever you need IT support.

If your company needs support, our IT engineers are available on the phone, in-person, and via our service portal Lighthouse. We aim to ensure your IT assets are always working for your staff.

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