IT Support and Maintenance Services - 24/7 IT Support

Your IT infrastructure deserves reliable and robust outsourced IT support

At Bluecube, we build longstanding partnerships with our clients. We understand that every organisation is unique, so there is no set formula for managing their IT services and keeping their IT infrastructure safe, secure and running smoothly. As part of our IT support and maintenance services, we put in the time and energy into getting to know your business, to understand how your IT is currently performing and where improvements can be made.


Whether you are experiencing major IT issues, don't feel as though you have a firm handle on data security or need help migrating critical workloads to the cloud, we can help you figure everything out, making informed decisions that benefit your business — preparing you for the demands of tomorrow's world. Enquire today about our managed IT services for small, medium and large businesses in the UK. 


Around-the-clock, Fast & Flexible Remote IT Help 

With an experienced team of engineers, our 24/7 IT support and maintenance services eradicate IT troubles to solve your computer, network and infrastructure problems fast. We take the time to get to know you, your people and the way your business works, so whether you require full or partial remote support, you’re always dealing with an engineer who knows your IT infrastructure, network and systems intimately. 

We alleviate the anxiety and headache of IT issues. Whether one or a few of your computers are running slowly, your emails are failing to send or you’re unable to login to critical applications, we’re always here to provide reactive remote IT support that’s tailored for your organisation.

Managed IT Support Provider That Sees The ‘Bigger Picture’

As a managed IT service provider, we recognise how vital it is to ensure your IT never holds you back, so while daily remote IT help is always at hand, we put time, energy, care and focus into improving your long-term health. Our commitment to being the best and supporting clients through any IT challenge is reflected in our performance metrics, which firmly positions us in the top 5% of UK Managed IT Services Providers.

Whether your IT department is overwhelmed, or your business’s existing infrastructure is contributing to declining productivity, Bluecube will help you overcome issues and deliver remote IT support that covers all aspects of your infrastructure. 

With a partial or fully remote IT support service, our technically proficient team can deliver proactive and reactive works:

  • Business IT support that keeps your systems running efficiently
  • Update your technology
  • Daily backups
  • Patching
  • IT security
  • 24/7 Service Desk
  • Round-the-clock remote monitoring

The Benefits of Remote IT Support

Remote IT support gives organisations the opportunity to have critical issues fixed in real-time, minimising disruptions, whilst saving time and money. Wherever you’re based in the UK in Milton Keynes, London, Leeds, Cambridge, Oxford, Birmingham or further afield, Bluecube will resolve your IT issues with speed. Our team provides 24/7 remote support to ensure your IT infrastructure, systems and equipment operate efficiently, allowing you to stay business-focused. 

  • Fast and convenient support
  • No valuable time wasted waiting for a technician to arrive
  • Minimal disruptions to your business, staff and customers
  • Immediate access to expert IT support
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IT Support Maintenance Service - The Bluecube Difference

We put you first

We aim to deliver a better IT support maintenance service than you've ever experienced before. All our time and energy goes into building productive client relationships. It is all about partnership, openness and taking responsibility. We think about what's best for you, every single day, ensuring your IT never stands still.

We're always here

Our experienced engineers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether you call us in person or message us via Lighthouse (our service portal), you're dealing with a highly skilled engineer who knows your IT systems intimately. If your IT troubles can't be repaired remotely, we can provide onsite IT support, rectifying each issue with speed, care and meticulous attention to detail.

We help you innovate

There can be no one-size-fits-all approach to Managed IT services and IT support maintenance. We look at where you are, where you'd like to be, and then make recommendations and plans that prepare you for the future. We invest time and energy in strategic thinking, always challenging ourselves to embrace new technology, unlock new opportunities and help your business innovate. 

We keep you safe

Our goal is to keep you safe, so you can stop worrying about IT and focus on your business. We are experts in cyber security and can design and build your IT infrastructure to be secure before managing, maintaining, monitoring your network around-the-clock. With intelligent back-up services, we deliver the cyber resilience you need to keep your people, processes and data safe.

 At Bluecube, we have a number of offices nationally and internationally to ensure we can provide our IT services to our clients anywhere. See our UK locations, Milton Keynes, London, Oxford, Cambridge, & Leeds.

Managed IT Service Provider - Our strategic and supportive approach to IT

The IT landscape is forever evolving. With Bluecube as your strategic IT support partner, we build, manage and monitor infrastructure that's robust, reliable and fit for purpose. It's not enough for us to keep your IT systems "ticking along". As an extension of your team, we will work closely with you, improving efficiencies and sharing in your goals to drive business performance. The infrastructure we design, build and deliver could be based on Azure, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Local Servers, or a combination of all of these technologies and approaches.

Whether you're looking to boost data security, streamline critical processes or meet regulatory compliance, we're always here to listen, providing tailored solutions. It's up to us to help you adapt, innovate and seize emerging opportunities, without worrying about the "behind the scenes" of IT. 


We're your methodical design team. We'll produce a 'solution-agnostic' IT ecosystem that is perfect for your organisation. Our infrastructure as a service is never 'off-the-shelf'; we create solutions that meet your needs today and well into the future, whether that is the public cloud, desktop cloud, or on-premises. Alternatively, it could be a blend of all three.

As part of the project planning process, we produce a scope of work that looks at every detail, including the applications you use, your data requirements, users, growth plans and much more.


Your IT infrastructure is not only crucial to day-to-day operations; it's the backbone of your business. We will build you a robust, reliable, resilient, and highly available IT system that works the way you've always wanted it to, giving you a secure platform for current and future critical business applications. 

Our project management handles every detail from concept to creation. Works include the technical build, configuration, testing, security, patch management, anti-virus and system monitoring. Our friendly transparent and supportive engineers also specialise in policy documentation, including data retention, staff and system monitoring policies.


We're your experienced delivery team, managing the rollout, migration, staff engagement and go-live process. Bluecube takes care of your people at every step, ensuring they are informed, engaged and given the onsite training and support they need to carry out their duties to the best of their ability.

Our detailed process-driven approach to migration means we can safely and swiftly move you over to a hosted cloud solution, with minimum disruption to your business.

Is your current IT support working?

Do you need effective, professional and friendly IT support and maintenance for your staff, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

We frequently are asked the questions below and if you are wondering about the same questions, contact us today to discuss how to protect your business and IT infrastructure with managed IT services and managed IT support.
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