Unfortunately, or perhaps sometimes, fortunately, generic email addresses such as news@ or noreply@ are identified as unwanted emails and do not make it into your inbox. This is far from ideal when we need to communicate information about your IT services, so we have created John Walter a fictional character in human terms, but a real identity in terms of email. We have created this page to explain our use of a fictional character. We will never use the John Walter email address for sales activities. It will be used for occasional service or security communications.

We have chosen the name of John Walter as we feel it is appropriate; the 'original and real' John Walter (a portrait of him is below) was the founder of The Times newspaper. It is widely accepted that The Times newspaper has been an integral and important part of the political structure in Great Britain. So for that reason, we have chosen John as an appropriate pseudonym for us to use when making important communications to you about your IT and associated services.


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