At Bluecube, our team assists with the increasing demand for healthcare IT support and services. Installing a reliable and secure IT infrastructure enables healthcare staff to deliver care and benefit their patient’s lives. Hospitals, clinics, and outpatient care centres, all need bespoke IT systems and 24/7 IT support.


Life sciences comprise biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and research organisations. IT services support life science companies to deliver improved patient outcomes by designing and building an IT infrastructure tailored to their requirements. Life sciences involves three main areas that need IT services:

Pathology – The investigation of the cause of illnesses and how they progress. An example of how this is done is through testing tissue and blood samples from patients. Through pathology, doctors can assess patients more effectively, implement the right treatment, and check the treatment’s effect.

Genetics – Assessing and analysing the genetic components of illnesses.

Reproductive Science – Researching reproductive biology to develop fertility treatments and understand the reasons for reproductive disorders like infertility.


At Bluecube, our team of expert IT engineers works with our clients to design, build, and deliver specialist healthcare managed IT services. Every client has their own client engagement manager. They analyse your objectives, challenges, and implement the best strategy to achieve your goals.


Client Stories

Medical Research Network (MRN)

The Medical Research Network (MRN) provides community-based trials to the pharmaceutical industry. The biggest challenge MRN faced was achieving consistent growth. Bluecube implemented a proactive IT managed service to improve medical communications that accelerated and supported growth.

Since Bluecube took MRN over as a client in 2006, they have grown by over 30% every year. Our team of expert IT engineers delivers MRN 24/7 IT support, helping 180 employees in their roles as well as a workforce of nurses in the UK, US, Spain, and Germany. They also plan to open more offices internationally over the next few years.

The challenge MRN faced operating globally was receiving a consistent level of service in all their territories. To support their consistent growth, MRN requires high-quality infrastructure for their diverse global employment base. After a strategic IT review, Bluecube took over all of MRN's IT infrastructure and support to manage hardware procurement, software licencing, and telephony. 

MRN invested heavily in IT infrastructure and needed Bluecube to take ownership and accountability over their IT services. This ensured that MRN benefited from their investment. They could have peace of mind all investments were going to help them achieve their business’s goals. 

To ensure positive changes made an impact immediately, Bluecube established an on-site team quickly. We also installed an IT client director to ensure all actions taken were made to benefit MRN. This helped to build a strong relationship between Bluecube and MRN, as well as make communication simple and effective.

Costello Medical

Costello Medical is a rapidly growing medical communications and health economic service provider. They are regulated by the healthcare industry which means storing confidential and sensitive data securely is essential. Maintaining IT security to protect data was a big challenge they faced as part of their operations.

Bluecube delivers 24/7 IT support across the globe for Costello Medical assisting 170 members of staff in their roles. As an international company, their staff needs the same level of support across all their offices in Cambridge, London, Manchester, Singapore, Shanghai, and Boston, USA.

When searching for an MSP, they wanted an MSP that offered more than a fast response to IT issues. Our IT engineers evaluated their goals and anticipated future needs to develop an all-encompassing strategy. This was how our team was able to deliver an IT infrastructure that could support their quickly growing global business.

Bluecube provides Costello Medical with a full IT support service, management of IT infrastructure, strategy support, access to our help desk, and assistance with project deliveries. After a bad experience, Costello Medical needed a proactive MSP that could identify and prevent future problems.

They needed a managed IT service provider that delivers 24/7 support and puts customer service first. Whenever an IT issue arises, Bluecube could offer guidance and prevent it from causing damage or escalating. Costello Medical also needed a company that could scale alongside them, after outgrowing previous IT companies. Thanks to Bluecube’s support they’re now able to deploy more quickly, do more with their IT, and protect their business from IT issues.

Healthcare & Life Sciences IT Services

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