Operate With Confidence Using Google’s Advanced Cloud Computing Tools

Google Cloud is primed to improve workplace productivity, transforming the way employees work with cloud-based applications like Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar and Meet.


At the same time, Google Workspace helps teams connect through powerful chat and video conferencing. If you’re considering migrating to the cloud, below are just a few of the key reasons why the cloud service provider, Google Cloud is projected to continue growing in popularity:

  • Security and Compliance
  • Easy and Fast Provisioning
  • Balancing of Loads (distributing client requests across multiple application servers)
  • High-Performance Virtual Computers
  • Strong In-Built Services
  • AI and Machine Learning
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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Has A Layered Security Model

Google Cloud delivers various layers of security and it’s the same model that protects its products such as Gmail and Search. Google also employs over 500 full-time security professionals, detecting and responding to internal and external threats throughout the year.

If a data centre is unavailable, the system immediately falls back on the secondary centre without any interruption or downtime for your users. Therefore, you can achieve the right balance of process-based and physical security, thanks to the strides made by Google.

Solve Your Cloud Challenges Today With Bluecube

With Bluecube as your cloud computing partner, you always have access to 24/7 IT support. Your Client Engagement Manager (CEM) gets to know you, the way you work and partners with you to shoulder the responsibility of your IT. Whether you’re looking to move to the cloud, need to switch cloud platforms or require assistance deploying the right public, private or hybrid cloud solution, we’re here to help. We can deliver effortless migration to the cloud, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

We provide Google Cloud computing services for a comprehensive range of clients. If you require a swift, smooth and stress-free migration to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), with careful considerations made around design, planning, migration, implementation, modernisation and security, we can achieve outstanding IT performance through a genuine partnership.

Bluecube does not favour one cloud solution over another. As we learn more about your business, people, workflows and existing IT infrastructure, we can guide you through each cloud platform’s unique characteristics and features, helping you make a confident and informed decision. We also consider each CLOUD platform’s architecture, detailing how it can be incorporated into your workflows now and in the future. 

Is Your Business Looking For Cloud Computing Solutions?

If you are looking for reliable and robust cloud services and cloud provider solutions, please get in touch with us today. Additionally, if you are looking for fully managed IT support, cybersecurity or otherwise, we can help.