Main Challenge

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation is an independent grant funding organisation, based in London, that enables people to overcome disadvantage and lack of opportunity.

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s biggest challenge is growth, and it is vitally important that the right IT infrastructure and IT support services in place to support the organisation’s increased frontline activity.

“It’s a very good match with Bluecube, because they’re relational as well.”

image of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation helping children

Our Solution

Bluecube provides the Paul Hamlyn Foundation with IT support and 24 hour IT helpdesk services, looking after the needs of its people that work in the UK and India.

One of the major projects that the Foundation implemented with Bluecube was setting up remote working, to enable all its people to work outside the office. The Foundation is particularly grateful it did, as come COVID-19 lockdown everything was that much easier.

Today, Bluecube provides IT support in London, plans future projects, and gets involved with a raft of IT-related activities, including helping with the prestigious Paul Hamlyn Foundation ‘Awards for Artists’ scheme.

“Bluecube care about you as a client, having the right IT solution for your needs.”

Lucy Palfreyman

Chief Operating Officer

our IT service desk providing key IT services for the Paul Hamlyn Foundation