Last Updated: 20/05/20

Dear Clients

The provision of IT services, maintenance and support is a critical service, arguably more so now than ever before. Bluecube have been and will continue to be fully operational. Our service will continue even through the most restrictive of conditions and we have the ability for all our staff to work remotely (including our 24x7 Service Desk). We will continue to remain operational and deliver you the support that you need in respect of your IT whilst adhering to Government guidelines.  

We promise to do our very best to work together, to support our clients and each other as we face this challenge. 

This page outlines our guidance and compliance regarding;

Managing Risk of COVID-19 Compliance

Site Visits

Managing Risk of COVID-19

Managing Risk of COVID-19

Site visits - COVID-19 Guidance for Employees and Clients

Below document outlines Bluecube’s current guidelines for site visits during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  These will be reviewed and updated in line with the latest government guidance.

Site visits should be scheduled for essential work only.

All Bluecube engineers have been provided with the appropriate PPE equipment, including disposable gloves, WHO approved hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial wipes, face mask and eye protection.

Bluecube takes the safety of all our Employees and Clients very seriously and will make a commitment to the following:


Bluecube Engineers will;
  • Follow the latest government/HSE guidelines.

  • Make use of appropriate PPE upon entering and during their time at the client site;

    • Gloves (sanitised before and after contact with any surfaces or equipment)

    • Face Mask (minimum N-95 standard)

    • Eye protection ( if required - where there is increased risk of exposure)

  • Maintain a 2-metre social distancing rule.

  • Be totally self-reliant with regards to refreshments and will not require the use of a client’s cutlery, crockery, glasses, etc.



Bluecube Clients will;
  • Have completed a COVID-19 workplace risk assessment and made this available to Bluecube prior to the visit.

  • Advise Bluecube if any employee(s) onsite are displaying symptoms.

  • Maintain social distancing with Bluecube engineers during their time on-site.

  • Inform their staff that a Bluecube engineer is visiting and that they must adhere to their own COVID-19 risk assessment requirements and are social distancing.



Bluecube reserve the right for our Engineers to leave site in the event that they feel there is a risk to themselves or your staff.

Should you have any queries please contact David Joy, Field Services Manager, on 01908 380047.