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How the cyber skills gap affects not-for-profits and what to do about it - executive summary

Some not-for-profit organisations are likely to be at risk of dangerous cyber security breaches due to gaps in knowledge and lack of resources.

72 charities however 19

Source: Cyber Security Breaches Survey: 2022


What is the cyber security skills gap?

Whether due to a lack of time, money, or expertise, not-for-profit organisations can be behind other sectors when it comes to cyber skills.

Charities are 16% less confident with implementing cyber security measures when compared to other businesses, including tasks such as:


Source: Cyber security skills in the UK labour market 2022

Technology is developing at an ever-increasing rate. Cyber threats and the necessary cyber security to combat them are also continually evolving, and it can be difficult to keep up. We all need measures in place to ensure our cyber security is up to speed, not only for the benefit of our organisations but also for ours, our workforce’s, and our customers’ peace of mind.

Having a cyber security strategy in place will put you among the 19% of UK charities who have taken this necessary precaution.

What’s at stake?

One in eight charities (12%) had experienced cybercrime in the previous 12 months. Source:

In recent years, many organisations have had to focus on their digital operations, and while this gives charities new opportunities for growth and engagement, it also exposes them to danger. Remote workers may not have the same security measures in place as those in an office. Online transactions must be monitored just as closely as cash in hand. This danger is compounded by a lack of skills, and a high percentage of underreporting when incidents do occur.

Staying on top of your cyber security will help to avoid:

Staying on top of cyber security

Considering these long-term impacts of cybercrime makes it all the more clear that the cyber skills gap has the potential to be an NFP’s Achilles heel. NFPs have to handle sensitive data, financial transitions, and personal information, while often not having access to the resources of companies in the private sector. The nature of your organisation’s mission may even be a contributing factor in making it vulnerable to cybercrime. Don’t let your mission be undermined by criminals looking to exploit a lack of cyber protection.


At Bluecube we have the cyber security prevention resources to help you bridge the gap in your organisation’s cyber skills. Work with us to help reduce the risks, so you can continue important work without the threat of cyber attacks hanging over your head.




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