How Can Phishing Affect Your Organization?

Over the years phishing attacks have become more and more common. Typically they’ve been targeted at individuals and smaller companies but there has been a rise in the number of hackers using phishing attack tactics, targeting organizations who do not view themselves as vulnerable to this type of attack.

The threat


Phishing attacks are a form of social engineering, tricking people into doing something they would not normally do. The hacker is trying to get the recipient to take the bait in the form of an attachment or embedded link, which then installs malware on the users computer or mobile device.

How can organisations guard against phishing attack?


Filter it
The best, and first, way to defend your organisation against a phishing attack is to ensure that your anti-virus, anti-spyware, and any anti-malware applications are maintained and up-to-date at all times, we offer this as a service where we monitor and eliminate potential attacks before they do any harm.

Talk to your employees

Educating all your employees, from the senior leadership team to the most junior employee, is crucial. After all it takes a human being to read the email and click on the link for the malware to be installed. There is a growing trend of hackers researching their targets and targeting those with financial authority so it is important that those in your organisation who have banking credentials, etc. are particularly aware of the possibility of receiving phishing emails.

Monitor it

Implement monitoring systems that can highlight any suspect activity; this could include potential exfiltration of data to remote hosts, privileged user access or suspicious connections. By doing so you’ll increase the chances of stopping the attack before it.

The sad news is that phishing works, that’s why it is so popular as a form of attacking. It doesn't matter the size of your organization. Here at Bluecube we offer a range of services which defend your systems from this threat and many others, we have software which will indicate if a "communication" is potentially phishing, click here to contact us to find out more!

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