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Amazon Web Service (AWS) has nearly doubled its footprint in the UK market. The cloud giant also reached an agreement with the UK government to increase public sector adoption of cloud computing. AWS is easy to use with no capacity limits and excellent security measures, no matter how large your data is. Whether you're planning a move to the cloud or you're transitioning from another cloud service, AWS is highly adaptable, meaning you can eliminate growth boundaries by scaling up and down as required. Since AWS accommodates over one million users worldwide, Amazon utilises higher economies of scale to reduce the overall price.


Is AWS The Right Cloud Platform For You?

Amazon Web Services is highly regarded for its infrastructure as a service (IaaS), yet it also delivers a mix of PaaS and SaaS offerings, giving businesses the freedom to configure IT infrastructure from scratch. Whether you're looking to grow new revenue streams, improve operational efficiency or minimise business risk, AWS is well worth considering. 

At Bluecube, we get to know you, your people, processes, operations, challenges and needs before recommending a platform that will help you achieve your goals. Whether you need us to migrate your data, manage your services moving forwards or secure your confidential customer data, our experienced engineers can take care of every detail.

Accelerate migration, remove barriers & become more collaborative

AWS's flexible system is one of the key reasons it has become a firm favourite among leading enterprises. You can wave goodbye to the confines of a physical computing infrastructure or free up valuable resources by utilising servers and storage that's available on-demand. Your employees can also unlock their full potential by taking full advantage of Amazon’s comprehensive collaboration tools and remote working solutions. 

To help you better understand whether AWS is the best choice for your requirements, we've added some of the key advantages below. 

  • Simplified app implementation, migration and management.
  • Fast and highly flexible with no capacity limits.
  • Gain valuable insights with the broadest collection of analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence services.
  • Improve workforce productivity.
  • A comprehensive set of security, compliance and governance services.

Hassle-free cloud management solutions with 24/7 support

Whether you're concerned about the reliability of your on-premise infrastructure, need help safely storing large amounts of data or require the flexibility to scale up quickly, we can optimise how your cloud environment is configured, managed and monitored. Bluecube appreciates that every organisation’s IT estate is unique, so if you need a public, private or hybrid cloud solution, we're always thinking of the bigger picture, finding ways to improve your day-to-day operations — helping you grow. 

As an experienced Managed Service Provider, we can resolve your issues fast, handling patches and updates to maintain the highest level of protection. Creating a cloud environment that's fit for purpose is just the start; we work closely with you to improve organisational efficiency and deliver better results for your business.

Cloud Computing Solutions

If you are looking for reliable and robust cloud services and solutions, please get in touch with us today. Additionally, if you are looking for fully managed IT support, cybersecurity or otherwise, we can help.